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Ameritech | Testimonials

nathan chaszeyka copy

BSN – Nathan Chaszeyka

When I was searching for a nursing school, Ameritech seemed like the best option, as the program would get me working as a nurse to support my family in the shortest amount of time possible. Now that I’m a couple semesters into the program, I have to say that I am very happy with my ...


Home – Mike Colver, PMHNP

Ameritech gave me a solid foundation for my nursing career. The staff were great. They were friendly, personable, and cared about our success as students. I appreciated the smaller class sizes that were conducive to focusing on our individual needs. I felt well prepared for the NCLEX and had no troubles passing it on the ...

michelle wall

Home – Michelle Wall, BSN, RN

The education and instruction that I received from Ameritech’s nursing program prepared me with the tools and skills needed to be a competent and confident nurse. I am so grateful for this program and feel honored and proud to be an Ameritech graduate.

nanci arroyo

OTA Program – Nanci Arroyo 2

I wanted to get started on my journey sooner rather than later. I liked the idea of completing a program faster in 20 months vs. a four-year program where I would have to do my generals beforehand. That helped push me towards Ameritech’s OTA program.

kristina boyce

OTA Program – Kristina Boyce

Being a CNA, you get kind of burned out. A lot of times, you’re just rushing and doing ADLs. You’re not getting to teach patients or spend a lot of time with them. As an OTA, you get to teach clients how to dress themselves—it’s just not ‘hurry up’ and you do it for them. ...

nanci arroyo

OTA Program – Nanci Arroyo

Ameritech’s OTA program is everything that I expected and more. It’s amazing. The people who work there are really concerned with their students—wanting to make sure they’re taken care of and really wanting to make sure you succeed in this program. They’re great. I would obviously give them an A+.

jacqueline cole

Nursing Program – Jacqueline Cole 2

A couple of my colleagues had gone through Ameritech’s program and really enjoyed it. The instructors were absolutely wonderful. Utilizing theory and real life experience was a nice merger of experience and the enhancement of new learning.

jacqueline cole

Nursing Program – Jacqueline Cole

What has been most valuable for me was knowing I had work/life balance. I was able to add the pursuit of this degree into the mix without taking away from my family or from my full time job.