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Statement from Our BSN Program Director

Nursing is one of the most respected and largest health care professions. Nurses work independently and collaboratively to nurture others in a variety of settings, which requires a broad base of knowledge and skill. During their time in Ameritech’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, students will obtain a solid foundation in liberal arts and sciences as well as the art and science of nursing. This foundation will allow students to build effective communication and collaboration skills to provide safe, quality care as they start their nursing careers. The faculty and staff in the BSN program are dedicated to the Future of Nursing. Through this initiative, students are supported in obtaining additional leadership and critical thinking skills along with a baccalaureate level education. Ameritech College of Healthcare strives to provide better nursing care to those in our communities. We do this by educating students who are committed to this admirable profession.

Heather Doman, MS, RN, AHN-BCProgram Director, BSNAmeritech College of Healthcare