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Nursing Admissions Requirements

Ameritech College of Healthcare is home to Utah’s largest private nursing program. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a registered nurse, we are happy you are considering Ameritech. Navigating college admissions can be a stressful experience, but our Admissions Consultants are here to walk you through the process. Here are some of our admissions requirements:

Nursing applicants will have an admissions deadline for which applications must be submitted. The Ameritech Selections Committee will review all qualified nursing applications and offer admission to select applicants.

  1. Associate Degree Nursing Program applicants are required to achieve a minimum score on a standardized entrance exam.
    • The test will assess ability in a number of subject areas, which may include math, reading, and language.
    • The Admission Assessment Exam may only be taken once per semester start with a maximum of two times in a twelve month period. Please consult the Ameritech Admissions Department for details.
    • Multiple test scores will not be averaged. A fee will be assessed for each exam taken. Passing exam scores are valid for one year from the date administered.
    • Test scores proctored at institutions other than Ameritech College of Healthcare will be accepted. We also accept official test scores from
    • Any exceptions must receive the written approval of the Program Director.
  2. Provide evidence of a High School Diploma, GED equivalent or signed attestation of High School Graduation/GED completion for admittance. If it is discovered that an attestation was falsely signed, the student may be immediately terminated from Ameritech College of Healthcare or denied admissions, if discovery is made prior to the program start. Students may also submit evidence of a college degree from a postsecondary institution whose accreditation is recognized by the United States Department of Education. At this time, Ameritech College of Healthcare does not accept students under “Ability to Benefit” arrangements.
  3. Pay the required registration fee, which is valid for one year from the date of receipt.
  4. Complete an Enrollment Packet, which includes the Ameritech College of Healthcare Enrollment Agreement.
  5. Background checks and drug screenings are required from our approved sites.
  6. Meet with a member of the Financial Aid Department to make satisfactory financial arrangements to cover the cost of education prior to starting classes. Acceptable financial arrangements include but are not necessarily limited to:
    a. Title IV funds
    b. Alternative Funding Loans
    c. Cash Payment
    d. Government Funding (WIA, DWS, Voc Rehab, etc.)
  7. Attend the required nursing program orientation.

For more detailed information, please download and review our student catalog. For an overview of guidelines and policies for prospective and current nursing students, please review the nursing program student handbook here.

Our Admissions Consultants work with you on an individualized basis to walk you through the process. We also have a number of financial aid programs available for those who qualify. If you’re ready to start your journey towards becoming a Registered Nurse, click the button below to have someone from our admissions team reach out to you.