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The Joyce Johnson 
Center of Simulation

Our simulation center at Ameritech’s Draper Campus provides our students with access to state-of-the-industry medical technology within simulated clinical environments, providing the hands-on training needed to excel in today’s nursing field.

About the Facility

Ameritech College of Healthcare’s simulation center is designed to encourage hands-on learning and improve our graduates’ clinical preparedness—providing access to lifelike patient simulators and clinical environments where students can apply their skills before entering the nursing field.

Our 15,000 square foot facility includes state-of-the-art simulation labs, equipped with the latest hyper-realistic medical technology, including:

  • Sophisticated robotic patients
  • Anatomy and physiology lab with life-sized, highly advanced synthetic cadavers
  • High fidelity mannequins
  • Realistic use of medical equipment, such as suction, oxygen therapy, IV skills
  • New clinical skills lab
  • Embedded vision and audio equipment in each lab with real-time broadcasting for training and debriefing purposes
  • Digital recording and playback analysis
  • We have proudly adopted the Code of Ethics from the Society of Simulation in Healthcare

Producing Better Prepared Graduates

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Through the use of realistic patient simulators and clinical environments, our simulation center enhances our students’ learning experience and allows Ameritech to produce graduates who are confident and well-prepared when they enter the field.

Allowing our students to apply their skills and training in a safe, controlled, and realistic clinical atmosphere, we can ensure that our graduates are field-tested and ready to work before they set foot in an actual medical facility with real patients.

With thousands of Ameritech students training in this state-of-the-art facility, Utah’s healthcare employers can expect a steady supply of highly trained, skilled employees who are well-versed in the latest medical technology and ready to perform the required duties on their very first day on the job.


Utilizing Hyper-Realistic Patient Simulators

We’re committed to giving our students the most true-to-life experiences as they are preparing for their future healthcare careers. That’s why our labs are equipped with sophisticated robotic mannequins that realistically simulate adult, pediatric, and even pregnant patients for an immersive, life-like experience.

Designed to teach students hands-on skills like suction, oxygen therapy, IV skills, labor and delivery, and more, our high fidelity patient mannequins encourage our students to be curious, test their learnings, and better hone their skills using the most cutting-edge technology available.

Learn more about the state-of-the-art models we use to simulate adult patients, pediatric patients, and pregnancy and childbirth.

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Featuring State-of-the-Art Synthetic Cadavers

These sophisticated synthetic humans are so lifelike that when their lungs are hooked up to a respirator, they’ll respond like real human tissue—providing our students with unique insights into the mechanics of the human body. They also allow our students to become familiar with the look and feel of a live human body without specialized facilities, risk of exposure to biohazards, or compromising a live patient.

  • Includes bones, joints, muscles, organs, tendons, as well as major nervous system and vascular components
  • Functions like real human tissue, but doesn’t degrade as easily
  • Provides a better representation of live tissue than a standard cadaver
  • More durable and does not require hazardous chemicals to preserve

To learn more about the synthetic cadavers we use, watch this video or click here for more information


Supporting Our Institution’s Vision and Values

Ameritech’s vision is to create learning environments that will transform the lives of the students we serve, enabling them to have a greater positive impact on their communities.

The Joyce Johnson Center of Simulation is our biggest manifestation of this vision to date—offering a state-of-the-art learning environment where students can gain the hands-on training needed for a lasting, successful career in nursing.

Our new simulation center builds on Ameritech’s core values of Integrity, Excellence, Service, Caring, and Learning in support of our students, faculty, and our institution as a whole. With every inch of the facility designed to produce the best possible academic outcome, it represents our ongoing commitment to the quality of our programs and the clinical preparedness of our graduates.

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Meet Joyce Johnson, MSN, RN

When considering names for our new facility, one name stood out from the pack: Joyce Johnson.

As a longstanding member of our nursing faculty, Joyce is an icon within Ameritech’s walls and beyond— serving as a source of inspiration to our students, faculty, and community.

Having served as a nurse and midwife for over 35 years, Joyce has dedicated her career to the field of obstetrics. She has also worked to advance the nursing profession by serving as an active member of the American Nurses Association (ANA), the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), and the National Certification Corporation (NCC).

Joyce embodies Ameritech’s values of Integrity, Excellence, Service, Caring, and Learning and has taught hundreds of our students to embody these values as well. By honoring her contributions to Ameritech and the nursing profession as a whole, we hope that the Joyce Johnson Center of Simulation serves as a celebration of her legacy for years to come.

“This facility is truly state-of-the-art, and I’m honored to be a part of it. I’m excited for Ameritech nursing students to experience this technology firsthand and gain the hands-on training they need to enter the nursing workforce with a high level of skill and preparedness.”


Joyce Johnson, MSN, RN
Lead Nursing Faculty
Ameritech College of Healthcare