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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Student Emergency Financial Assistance

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, Ameritech College has established a process for students seeking temporary, short-term financial assistance in our commitment to help students succeed and continue to pursue their education during this crisis.

The applications for emergency funding are now closed.

Funding to help cover costs incurred due to the disruption in regular campus operations is available to students who may meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for funding, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled full-time or part-time students at Ameritech
  • Are experiencing or experienced an unexpected financial hardship resulting from the disruption of regular campus operations due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak
  • Demonstrate a documented need

Examples of Expenses Covered by the Emergency Funding:

  • Technology/equipment needed to ensure continuity of online/virtual learning
  • Additional course material costs/expenses
  • Homelessness or sudden loss of housing caused by the disruption
  • Loss of childcare or increased costs of childcare
  • Other financial needs arising from individual and/or special circumstances to be determined on a case-by-case basis

Examples of Expenses Not Covered by the Emergency Funding:

  • Legal fines or expenses
  • Non-essential personal bills
  • Parking tickets, library fines or other expenses mistakenly incurred
  • Funds for the replacement of lost or stolen items

Additional Items to Note

  • Due to the fact that limited funding is available, requests made for future expenses will not be considered.
  • Students may only receive funds one time via this application.
  • Funds awarded do not need to be repaid. However, they may be subject to federal or state taxes.
  • Funds awarded would be disbursed through direct deposit. Paper checks made payable to student available upon request.


To learn more about Coronavirus/COVID-19 student emergency financial assistance, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Application Process

To apply, download and complete the application below. Email the completed application with appropriate documentation to [email protected].

Applications will be reviewed by a committee. Decisions will be communicated to students via email within 7 business days of submission. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee an award.

Applications are now closed.

To learn more about how the student grant funds will be treated for tax purposes, please click here.

Ameritech is here to support you during this challenging time. Questions about this application or the emergency funding available can be directed to

[email protected].

Utilization of Funds Received Under the CARES Act

Student Portion Utilization

Report as of May 21, 2020
Report as of June 22, 2020

Institutional Portion Utilization

Report ending October 26, 2020
Report ending December 31, 2020
Report ending March 31, 2021
Report ending June 30, 2021