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You know you’re a nurse when…


In nursing school and throughout our careers in nursing, we are constantly thinking about the theories, principles, and philosophies that have been instilled in us. Things such as infection control, principles of sterility, communication techniques, safety, and leadership skills are always on our minds. These principles direct us in our work and really are a big part of who we are as nurses.

This knowledge can be a bit tough as we navigate our lives outside of the healthcare environment. Take the following scenarios as examples that remind us that we are nurses:

  • Using a public restroom and noticing that someone leaves without washing their hands (In our heads, a neon sign is flashing…DID NOT WASH HANDS!)
  • Going to a picnic or potluck and wondering if the home cooks licked the spoon or their fingers (Germs!)
  • Observing a mother that lets her healthy child play with the germ-laden toys in a pediatrician’s office and feeling an impending sense of doom as the child proceeds to put his or her fingers into his or her mouth
  • Wiping our kitchen countertops from the inside to the edge just like we cleanse a wound
  • Observing what the other shoppers buy at the grocery store and thinking, “highly processed, high in calories, fat, sugar and, OH MY GOODNESS….white bread!

Although these scenarios may cause some anxiety, we really do fit into mainstream society quite well. What we think, however, cannot be easily changed because we are nurses.

– Dr. Kathy Holloway, Full-Time Faculty, RN to BSN Program 

You know you’re a nurse when…