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Want a Work/Life Balance? Become a Dental Lab Technician!

Dental lab tech working

Especially in the healthcare industry, a good 9-5 job is hard to find.

Overtime can be common, or at least weekend hours and long shifts that blur the lines between your career and personal life. A meaningful, fulfilling career, however, doesn’t have to consume every part of your life. You can do work you love and continue to foster other pursuits and interests, especially if you study dental lab technology. Graduating from a good dental lab tech program can prepare you for a full, engaging career that offers you work/life balance.

The set schedule of a dental lab technician

Work/life balance is a lot easier to come by when you know what to expect of your work—or to put it another way: when you know what your work expects of you. Infamous New York ad agencies and law firms expect their employees to work 70-90 hours/week, while other careers have set office hours plus projects to take home, or regular shifts of being on call. Not so with dental lab technology. When you become a dental lab technician, you have a set schedule. You work 8 hours a day on weekdays, freeing your evenings and weekends to spend time with friends and family, take art classes, learn programming, go on weekend camping trips: Whatever you like to do in your free time, you can as a DLT, because you have the free time to do it.

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Practice art and technology

Of course, you can browse job openings and find a lot of 9-5 careers, most of which entail sitting at a desk, making calls, or inputting data for four hours until your lunch break, then four hours more. That kind of work can be tedious, which can sap your energy and passion before you clock out and return to your personal life. Dental lab technology, though, is a tactile career. You work with your hands. Like any other artist, you pay close attention to shapes and shades of color, creating prosthetics that improve patients’ quality of life.

You also get to work with technology, sometimes—depending on your lab—with the latest advancements. Dental lab technology is, we like to say, where art and technology meet, and so the work appeals both to artists and tech-minded individuals. If either or both of these are an interest of yours, studying at our dental lab technology program in Utah can open the door to work that compels you, while giving you balance and free time for your personal life.

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Entrepreneurial possibilities

Some people can’t imagine being fulfilled in their personal lives unless they can pursue entrepreneurial ambitions in their professional lives. A career in dental lab technology can take many forms—including management and ownership of your own dental lab. Of course, this usually comes after years of experience and understanding the industry, but once you learn the basics in dental lab tech school, you can begin heading down this road. It isn’t uncommon for DLTs to become sole proprietors of their business, but it starts with training, learning, and finding your first job at a dental lab.

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At Ameritech College of Healthcare, we want to prepare our dental lab technology students for a career that fulfills them in their personal and professional lives. We understand the industry, and we work alongside our students to teach them the skills they’ll need to succeed, whatever ambitions they have. If this work as a dental lab technician appeals to you, contact us today about becoming a certified dental lab technician. Just request more information here. We’d love to hear from you!

Want a Work/Life Balance? Become a Dental Lab Technician!