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Where Can a Medical Assistant Work?

Medical assistants are in high demand and enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to picking a workplace.

Medical assistants are in high demand. That means, in addition to excellent job security, aspiring medical assistants can also look forward to enjoying a wide range of options when choosing a workplace.

No two medical assistants are the same. Part of your job as a student is to research various types of institutions that employ medical assistants in order to find the best fit for your unique preferences and life goals. Here are a few of the main types of employers who are on the lookout for medical assistants just like you.

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Many medical assistants choose to pursue a position at a hospital as their first job. Hospitals offer a huge variety in terms of the types of care offered. They also serve as excellent environments for lifelong learning, as brand new situations arise every day. Medical assistants at hospitals also enjoy a tight-knit bond with their coworkers. The responsibility of supporting physicians and patients makes this a challenging and rewarding role, which is why so many medical assistants choose to stay in hospital positions for the duration of their careers.

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Private practices

As with hospitals, medical assistants in private practices are responsible for keeping the flow of patients and appointments moving along smoothly. What’s different about private practices, though, is that you’re more likely to see the same patients returning again and again throughout the years. This can be excellent for those who feel most comfortable in a place with a strong sense of community and consistency, as hospitals can be more of a mercurial environment to contend with.

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Chiropractic offices

Chiropractors’ offices offer a bit more of a specialization for medical assistants compared to hospitals and general family practice settings. Since chiropractors use less medical equipment and do not perform surgeries or most other medical procedures, being a chiropractic medical assistant is less hands-on and more administrative than many other MA career choices. This is a wonderful option for anyone who takes pride in their organizational skills and loves interacting with patients before and after their appointments.

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For medical assistants who are particularly interested in women’s health, working alongside an OB-GYN can be a rewarding choice. As with other types of MA positions, you can expect to enjoy much more consistent and regular work hours than, say, an RN at a hospital. But OB-GYN medical assistants are also at the forefront of patient care — taking vitals, answering questions, keeping documentation, and scheduling appointments makes this type of MA role an involved and detail-oriented one.

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Pediatric clinics

Like all other types of medical assisting positions, pediatric MAs are in a great position to advance in their field. If you’re interested in becoming any type of pediatrics specialist, starting off as a pediatric medical assistant is a great way to gain tons of practical experience that can take you anywhere in your career. Enjoying working with children is an obvious must, but pediatric MAs also need a few other critical skills. They need to be able to communicate well with both children and their parents and also remain calm when crowded waiting rooms of noisy kids become a regular occurrence. Anyone who finds joy in working with kids and also has an interest in medicine would do well in this career path.

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These are just a few of the myriad options medical assistants can look forward to on their career paths. In addition to these locations, nursing homes, medical labs, and psychiatric facilities are other opportunities that aspiring MAs should add to their long list of job placement possibilities.

Medical assistant students at Ameritech report 100 percent program satisfaction and a 90 percent job placement rate. That means we offer a reliable path to a stable and fulfilling career — all in one year’s time. If you want to be in demand, consider whether becoming a medical assistant might be the right choice for you. To learn more about our Medical Assistant program and others, visit our program pages or follow us on Facebook.

Where Can a Medical Assistant Work?