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6 lifehacks about taking care of your teeth

6 Lifehacks for Taking Care of Your Teeth

Obviously, you should brush your teeth. That’s not really a lifehack, that’s just a common-sense thing you’ve (hopefully) been doing since childhood. But, every single medical professional from the most experienced DDS to a newly-minted DLT can tell you that brushing is not enough. Here are six more things you (and your future patients) can ...

How to become a dental laboratory technician

How to Become a Dental Laboratory Technician

Becoming a dental laboratory technician is a stellar career choice for anyone interested in blending medicine, technology, and artistry. Many people don’t realize what an interesting and rewarding path it can be. So how do you go from zero to sixty as an aspiring dental lab tech? Just follow these straightforward steps: Find out why ...

6 Important Nurses from History

6 Important Nurses in History

We talk a lot about Florence Nightingale, founder of modern holistic nursing, because Ameritech was founded on holistic nursing principals. But many other nurses made history, too, with their discoveries, compassion, and practice. Learn about six amazing nurses from history and use their contributions to the field as inspiration for your own efforts of making ...

Things nobody tells you about being a nurse

Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Nurse

Even the most prepared of nursing students face surprises once they make their way into those first days on the job. Putting theory into practice brings revelations about what nursing is actually like day in, day out — the challenges, the rewards, and everything in between. Here are a few things nobody tells you about ...

How to Survive the Winter in Draper Utah

How Ameritech Students Survive Winter in Draper, Utah

If your winter routine looks like this, you’re not alone: Wake → shower → don scrubs → work/school → school/work → eat → sleep → repeat. Going to school in Utah in the middle of winter has been known to spark the deep winter blues. If you or someone you know exhibits the following symptoms, ...