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Ameritech 2016 11 29 for approaching problems holistically Blog FB FB 20

6 Ways to Approach Problems Holistically

  Whether you’re the kind of person who loves a splash of drama or you avoid conflict at all costs, obstacles are a fact of life. You can worry about them or pretend they don’t exist, but what you’re really trying to do is take control of your life. You want that complication gone! But ...

Ameritech 2016 11 22 Why should I get my BSN  Blog FB FB 20

10 Reasons To Get Your Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing

We all had our own reasons for becoming an RN. Perhaps you desired a more meaningful career. Maybe it was the allure of a profession that keeps us on our toes. Some look to travel or to have greater job security. It certainly wasn’t for shorter working hours or a less stressful environment!

Ameritech 2016 10 27 Fright Night Beware the Halloween Graveyard Shift Blog FB FB 20

What to Expect From a Halloween Nursing Shift

Halloween night, 2002: A night-duty nurse was noting her patients for the evening and spotted a favorite older gentleman whom she hadn’t seen in a few days. The two exchanged a smile and since he was looking better than ever, the nurse gave him a thumbs up. She looked back down at her notes and ...

Ameritech 2016 10 25 Tips for working with Children Blog FB FB 20

6 Tips for Working with Kids

  Big kids, little kids, well-behaved kids, and tired kids — one way or another, sticky fingers are in your future. With some respect, humor, and crayons, you can make everyone’s experience more enjoyable and promote a healthy outcome. Here are six tips for healthcare professionals working with children. 1. Create a kid-friendly space If ...

Ameritech 2016 10 13 ways to keep your feet healthy Blog FB FB 20

Happy Feet: 10 Ways Healthcare Workers Can Promote Foot Health

“My feet hurt!” How many times have you heard that … or said it yourself? Foot pain is the No. 1 complaint of nurses. When your feet hurt, it’s the only thing you can think about. Any other bright spots in your day — funny moments with patients or the kindnesses of your peers — ...

Ameritech 2016 09 07 The quick guide to continuing education Blog FB FB 20

A Guide to Continuing Education in the Medical Field

If you’re looking into healthcare as a first or second career, it’s natural to consider what your options are for continuing your education. Of course you’re in the market to advance your career, since you’ve already come this far. No matter which Ameritech program you choose, many career options are available for you, meaning you ...

Ameritech 2016 8 25 Tips for Discussing Obesity with Empathy Blog Blog FB FB 20

Tips for Being Empathetic When Providing Care

Suppose you pulled a muscle in your back while doing housework, and you’ve been in severe pain for the past three days. You need a hand to help sit or stand, and sleeping is almost impossible because you can’t find a position that doesn’t cause your back to ache. You’re in tears when you finally ...

Ameritech 2016 08 25 Story from the Frontline Blog Blog FB FB 20

Recent Ameritech Grad Saves Life

Throughout nursing school, Emilee Kelly struggled. While many other students at Ameritech already had a CNA license or experience working in healthcare, she had neither. The only experience the new mother had with the healthcare system was as a patient herself, in the delivery room. But one summer afternoon, shortly after nursing school graduation, Emilee ...