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A Day in the Life of a Certified Nurse Midwife

Many successful nurses choose to narrow their specialization over the course of their careers depending on their own particular passions and interests. Some people think of nursing as a one-track career when, in fact, the possibilities are many. Specializing can lead nurses toward some of the highest-paying nursing careers, including large earnings made possible by ...

8 Steps for Becoming a Registered Nurse

How to Become an RN: The Steps You’ll Take and Requirements You’ll Need

The process of becoming a registered nurse may look simple on a piece of paper — or web browser. You go to and graduate from nursing school. You pass the NCLEX. You find your first nursing job. Bing boom bang you’re a nurse. The scariest step in many careers would be that finding-a-nursing-job part, but given the ...

occupational health nurse talking to employee

Becoming an Occupational Health Nurse: What You Need to Know

If you ever twisted your ankle on the playground or felt light-headed during a science experiment, you probably visited your school nurse. She would’ve been a resident faculty member of your school, there to bandage injuries, administer medication, and keep students safe on campus. It’s important work, not only for schools but many places of ...

wound care nurse dressing a wound

Wound Care Nursing: Everything You Need to Know

Registered nurses are a tough bunch. But even many nurses have one thing that makes their stomach churn. If for you that’s an infected burn, an open wound, or treatment of an osteotomy, then you might want to pass on the opportunity to become a certified wound care nurse. Many specialties exist that don’t treat ...

How to Choose Your Nursing Specialty

Practical Advice for Choosing Your Nursing Specialty

First, the question is: What do you want to be when you grow up? For all of our nursing students in Utah, they answered that the day they decided to apply to nursing school. But then there’s another question waiting: What kind of nurse do you want to be, now that you’ve grown up? Nurses work in ...