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Why you should consider a trade school

Why You Should Consider a Trade School

Getting done with high school is a great moment for most American students. But, after school’s out and the diploma has been framed and hung on the wall, plenty of newly-minted adults think, “Now what?” College doesn’t have to be the automatic next step after high school. You have options! A trade school or accredited ...

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Note-taking Tips for Nurses

  A well-organized notebook — paper or digital — is a thing of beauty. Nursing students who have a great system of note-taking often find it translates to the rest of their life, improving their study habits, writing skills, and even the organization of their thoughts and communication. Have you given much thought to your personal ...

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10 Reasons To Get Your Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing

We all had our own reasons for becoming an RN. Perhaps you desired a more meaningful career. Maybe it was the allure of a profession that keeps us on our toes. Some look to travel or to have greater job security. It certainly wasn’t for shorter working hours or a less stressful environment!

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When Deadlines Attack: Time Management Tips

It’s one of those dreams: You’re back in high school, and you’re late for an exam, and you can’t find your classroom. Or you have a paper due, but you didn’t do it. Stress from unmet due dates and too much work can seep into our dreams and lead to anxiety-fueled nightmares. Good news: Time ...

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Recent Ameritech Grad Saves Life

Throughout nursing school, Emilee Kelly struggled. While many other students at Ameritech already had a CNA license or experience working in healthcare, she had neither. The only experience the new mother had with the healthcare system was as a patient herself, in the delivery room. But one summer afternoon, shortly after nursing school graduation, Emilee ...

Ameritech 2016 08 11 What you Need to Know About Pediatric OTA Blog FB FB 20

What You Need to Know About Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational therapy brings normal life back to many hurting people, and a pediatric occupational therapy assistant has a special place working with children. If you aren’t afraid to dive in and help people ease back into their daily routines, and you enjoy working with kids, you might fit right into the pediatric OTA world. Job ...

Ameritech 2016 08 09 Splitting work and home lives in a healthy manner Blog Blog FB FB 20

The Balancing Point: Splitting Work and Home Lives in a Healthy Manner

  As healthcare professionals, we want to have it all. We want to be recognized for our great ideas and quality work. At the same time, we want to be loving, engaged parents or partners. But our work and home selves often conflict, when both seem to struggle for our full attention at every turn. ...

Ameritech 2016 08 04 The Importance of Diversity in Healthcare Programs Blog Blog FB FB 20 1

The Importance of Diversity in Healthcare Programs

Diversity is important in any field, and the nursing industry is an exceptional example of why. The patient demographic is as diverse as this country’s population. An ethnically and culturally diverse applicant pool leads to more diverse and culturally sensitive healthcare providers — and happier, healthier patients. What’s more, study after study has shown that ...