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A Day in the Life: 6 BSN Nursing Careers

There are many reasons nurses may want to pursue their bachelor’s degree, and the biggest one is opportunity. Nurses who have a BSN gain access to a world of choices and specialties. Take some time today to imagine yourself as a pharmaceutical salesperson, ICU nurse, educator, or another of the many roles nurses can play. ...

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Top 10 Locations to Work as a Travel Nurse

The decision to become a nurse means you’ll have a wealth of directions in which to take your career. One choice that offers nurses exceptional freedom to try new things and explore the world is travel nursing. With so many choices of location, it can be hard to narrow it down when choosing a city. ...

States that pay nurses the most

The 5 States That Pay Nurses the Most

As a recent nursing school grad, the world is at your feet. You’re in demand, and because people need healthcare — and nurses — you have the option to move almost anywhere. Are you an adventurer? Want to move closer to family? Interested in the highest paying states for nurses? The good news is that you have many, many ...