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What to Consider About an Accelerated BSN  Program

Seeking a career change? Consider the fast track to a rewarding career in nursing. Whether it’s for the reward of patient care, the variety and trajectory of job opportunities, or the stability of a high-demand field — we’ll help you discover if our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is right for you. Read ...

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Why Choose Ameritech’s Accelerated BSN Program

If you are looking to make a career change to the high-demand field of nursing, an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing will put you on the fast track to a rewarding career in healthcare. 5 FAQs About Our Accelerated BSN Program 1. What is Ameritech’s Accelerated BSN Degree? An accelerated Bachelor of Science in ...

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Cost and Benefits to Consider With an Accelerated BSN Degree

As one of the leaders in nursing education in Utah, the accelerated BSN program at Ameritech College has created a fast, affordable alternative to the traditional 4-year Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees you will get at other institutions. If you already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and are looking to make a career change ...

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Top 4 Benefits of a Blended Learning Accelerated BSN Program

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a great way to advance your career and open the door to more leadership opportunities and higher salary potential. Our Accelerated BSN program was designed for flexibility and accessibility.  Read on for the top four benefits of a blended learning Accelerated BSN from Ameritech. Our rigorous Accelerated BSN program combines ...

Female Nurse in dark blue scrubs smiling with graphic design text overlay "What are the Highest Paid nursing specialties"

15 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

When you first decided to become a nurse, you might have thought of nursing as a general job title in a high-paying field. As you go through nursing school, you realize nurses can choose from a range of specialties, from midwifery to teaching. Want to make a direct comparison between your nursing career options at ...

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Why You Should Get Your BSN Degree

Considering earning your BSN? Income, job roles, and career future are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Ameritech Blog 2017 3 28 What’s the pay difference between an RN and a BSN  Blog FB FB 20

Nursing School and Salaries: Differences Between RN and BSN

If you’re considering going to school to embark on a career in nursing, then you probably have a few questions. What kind of nursing degree should you get? What’s an RN’s salary? What about a BSN’s? And what exactly is the difference between the two? There are a lot of similarities between a registered nurse ...

female nurse smiling in blue scrubs with text overlay "Top 5 personality traits needed in healthcare

What Are the Top 5 Personality Traits Needed in Healthcare?

  Some personality traits, like respect, patience, and punctuality are valuable skills at work and in life. And other traits, like inflexible thinking and emotional whimsy, make any job harder. Healthcare is different. A very specific personality profile seems to shine brightest. It’s not for everyone. People who have specific personality traits see the most ...