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Ameritech 2016 12 20 Administrative tasks First Generation Student survival guide Blog FB FB 20

First-Generation Student Survival Guide

  Congratulations on being the first generation of your family to pursue higher education! In addition to the pride of successfully graduating from high school with grades good enough to go on to college, you might be struggling with ideas that other students who are more familiar with the system already understand. With our guide ...

Ameritech 2016 12 15 of tips for better teamwork on the floor Blog FB FB 20

5 Tips to Build Teamwork in the Lab

When we’re surrounded by people who understand and support us, we can fly. We can take risks and know that failure is okay. We look forward to going to work. We’re more productive because we have more resources to draw upon. This is true of any team, and especially for dental lab technicians, who must ...

Ameritech 2016 12 08 What does a Dental Laboratory Technician do  Blog FB FB 20

What Does a Dental Laboratory Technician Do?

People with good teeth don’t think twice about flashing a bright smile. It’s easy to convey approval and love with a grin. It’s hard to imagine having to stop and think about this instinctive, happy expression. For people with gum disease or dental problems, even a small smile can be a source of embarrassment and ...

laboratory communications Blog FB FB 20

How to Improve Clinical and Lab Communication

  Good communication comes in handy a hundred times a day, but in a healthcare setting, it’s a matter of life and death. Decades of studies have shown a clear and significant correlation between a clinician’s ability to explain, listen, and empathize with biological and functional health outcomes — not to mention patient satisfaction. With ...

Ameritech 2016 11 29 for approaching problems holistically Blog FB FB 20

6 Ways to Approach Problems Holistically

  Whether you’re the kind of person who loves a splash of drama or you avoid conflict at all costs, obstacles are a fact of life. You can worry about them or pretend they don’t exist, but what you’re really trying to do is take control of your life. You want that complication gone! But ...

Ameritech 2016 11 22 Why should I get my BSN  Blog FB FB 20

10 Reasons To Get Your Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing

We all had our own reasons for becoming an RN. Perhaps you desired a more meaningful career. Maybe it was the allure of a profession that keeps us on our toes. Some look to travel or to have greater job security. It certainly wasn’t for shorter working hours or a less stressful environment!

Ameritech 2016 11 10 A Day in the Life 6 BSN Nursing Careers Blog FB FB 20

A Day in the Life: 6 BSN Nursing Careers

There are many reasons nurses may want to pursue their bachelor’s degree, and the biggest one is opportunity. Nurses who have a BSN gain access to a world of choices and specialties. Take some time today to imagine yourself as a pharmaceutical salesperson, ICU nurse, educator, or another of the many roles nurses can play. ...

Ameritech 2016 11 08 Interview with Keith Cunningham Blog FB FB 20

A Lifetime of Learning for Ameritech Graduate Keith Cunningham

For nurse Keith Cunningham, lifelong learning isn’t just a philosophy. The 53-year-old former small business owner recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. He’s taking a year off from school to get a few certifications, then he plans to return for a master’s degree. “You’re never too old to set a new goal or ...