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How Ameritech Students Survive Winter in Draper, Utah

Winter is long and cold in Draper, Utah, but that doesn’t mean our students need to hibernate! Try these fun local activities to survive the winter.

If your winter routine looks like this, you’re not alone: Wake → shower → don scrubs → work/school → school/work → eat → sleep → repeat.

Going to school in Utah in the middle of winter has been known to spark the deep winter blues. If you or someone you know exhibits the following symptoms, read on:

  • Deep conversations with your slippers
  • Moving your couch into the shower, so you never, ever have to move
  • Gluing your cat to your head for warmth

Pull the covers off and look around! There are lots of local activities to do in and around Draper that can keep you motivated and healthy throughout the long, cold winter.

Get moving!

An abundance of research demonstrates the benefits of exercise, especially in winter when we’re more interested in curling up on the couch with Netflix than getting outside. In fact, according to Joseph Giaimo, DO, “People who exercise reduce their risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis.”

Exercise cures the winter blues, too — so get outside and get moving with these local options:

  1. Hike Corner Canyon. The Wasatch Mountains are an inspiring sight in any season. During the winter, try hiking the Lower Corner Canyon trail around the Silica Pit. It’s 2.8 miles and takes about an hour.
  2. Climb a waterfall in Provo Canyon. The more experienced adventurist might enjoy ice climbing the “Stairway to Heaven” at Bridal Veil Falls. But a steep, short hike gives we normal hikers a great view of the canyon from the first cascade.
  3. Soak in the Homestead Crater. If a dip in 95-degree, mineral-enriched water doesn’t warm you to your toes, we’re not sure what will! It’s a snowy hour’s drive from Draper and makes a great date spot.
  4. Jump, jump, jump around at Airborne Trampoline arena. You don’t need kids to catch some air at Airborne (although they can add to your velocity). The arena boasts 40,000 square feet of jumping space — and 75 connected trampolines.
  5. Go skiing or snowboarding at Alta Ski Area, Deer Valley, or Brighton. If you haven’t yet embraced this winter sport, it’d be a shame not to test out some of the best powder in the West!
  6. Snowshoe at Draper Historic Park. This one is really close to home! Rent or borrow a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis, and spend the afternoon gliding across the snow, enjoying the statues, historical markers, and quiet woods.

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Discover your new favorite food

Skip the Chick-fil-A and explore the many great food options in Draper! These are just a few of our local favorites relatively close to the Ameritech campus.

  • Penny Ann’s Cafe earns high marks for breakfast and brunch. The pork chili smothered breakfast burrito, hot cakes, and breakfast nachos receive top marks.
  • Cáfe Guru is a local favorite Indian restaurant specializing in curries, tandoori, and an array of flavorful chutneys sure to brighten the winter blues.
  • J&C House serves up fresh sushi (we like the Tiger King roll), and soups like pho and udon — a perfect warm-me-up on a snowy day!
  • R&R BBQ is the place to go for slow-fired brisket, fall-apart ribs, pulled pork, and sausages. Try the hushpuppies and sweet potato fries on the side.
  • Bake 360 is a great place for a student to sip a latte or Italian soda and nibble on fresh-baked pastries. (We recommend the chile verde huevos rancheros if you’ve got a test in the morning!)

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Road trip!

Studies show that planning a trip is as fun as the trip itself. So go for it! While you might not have the budget for a tropical vacation while you’re still in school, you can have fun planning a getaway a little closer to home.

Salt Lake City is the obvious choice for a weekend trip. The zoo, Rio Tinto’s new Natural History Museum of Utah, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and the planetarium are all fun wintertime destinations, besides many dining and theater options.

Before you go, check Groupon’s local listings for discounts on dinner and fun activities.

Take your vitamins

Getting out of the house is a major way to stay sane during the winter. But there are a lot of steps you can take from the comfort of your shower-couch.

Take your vitamins! They’re important year-round, especially in the winter when our choices of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies are limited. Winter-critical vitamins include, but are not limited to:

  • Vitamin C. This antioxidant can reduce the length and severity of cold and flu symptoms. It also protects the body against disease, including heart disease and cancer.
  • Iron. Getting enough iron helps you maintain energy levels, intellectual performance, and vitality — all necessities for a healthy student.
  • Vitamin A. This vitamin is necessary for growth and development, and also strengthens your immune system so you don’t have to miss class.
  • Vitamin E. Here’s another antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage, and is thought to protect against some cancers and heart disease.

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Pump up the volume

Our final survival suggestion may bother the cat on your head, but it just might keep you sane during the winter: Turn on the tunes. The ultimate pick-me-up requires nothing more than the radio.
What are your favorite places to relax, workout, or blow off steam near campus? Let us know on our Facebook page. Stay warm — winter is half over!

How Ameritech Students Survive Winter in Draper, Utah