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Student Appreciation at Ameritech

More than anything else at Ameritech, we appreciate our students. Here’s what we enjoy about each of our programs.

Right now, the week of October 16th, we’re in the middle of one of our favorite times of the year! There’s nothing we appreciate more at Ameritech than our healthcare students. That’s why every semester we have Student Appreciation Days when we provide lunch, chair massages, and raffle away prizes for our hardworking students. Obviously, we appreciate all of our students every day, but occasions like this are an invitation for us to remind ourselves why we value you so much. You’re doing the hard work of being a healthcare student and deserve a bit of attention for that.


Below are a few reasons why we appreciate students from all of our programs.


Truly expressing how much we appreciate nurses and nursing students would take much more than a paragraph. These students have decided to provide the majority of healthcare to patients. Nurses do an immense amount. They’re the ones who administer medications, answer patient questions, and are there for patients during challenging times.


Sandwiches, pizza, donuts: We've brought in it all.

A spread of sandwiches at Student Appreciation Days.


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Medical Assistants

Hospitals and clinics couldn’t work without medical assistants. Every institution needs support, be it greeting patients, answering phones, recording test results, or doing whatever needs to get done just to keep everything up and running.


Massages chairs, unsurprisingly, tend to be popular.

Massages at Student Appreciation Days.


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Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational Therapy Assistants serve some of the most vulnerable clients in some very important ways. OTA clients who have difficulty with activities of daily living have a chance to gain or regain those skills thanks to the work of OTAs. We appreciate OTAs because they provide the kind of care that allows their clients to take ownership of their lives, participate in daily life, and overcome immense challenges.


Student Appreciation Day is an opportunity for Ameritech faculty to show how much they care.

Grilling for students at a recent Student Appreciation Week


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Dental Laboratory Assistants

Millions of Americans have some kind of dental prosthetic, be it a crown, bridge, or a complete set of dentures. If you’re someone who has a bit of ceramic or metal filling out your mouth, you’ve benefitted from the work of a dental laboratory assistant. We appreciate these students for their dedication to artistry, craft, and attention to detail. Running raffles or grilling lunch only conveys a tiny amount of the respect we give to these future healthcare workers.



Fun and games at Student Appreciation Day!

Raffles, sun, and outdoor fun at Student Appreciation Days.


We’re in awe of all of you, every single day. We know a single week is not enough, but nevertheless, we always look forward to Student Appreciation Days as an opportunity to express our support and admiration.


If you’re hoping to become an Ameritech student, visit our programs page to learn more, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Student Appreciation at Ameritech