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Perfect Gifts for the Medical Assistant in Your Life

Medical assistants are a varied group, but these gifts are sure to appeal to anyone who has devoted themselves to healthcare.

If you know a medical assistant or a student studying to become an MA, you’re probably wondering what to get them for the holidays. Medical assistants are a varied group, and it can be hard to generalize about what they could use. They’re all committed to healthcare, though. Every one of them has been inspired by, motivated to join, and given themselves over to the care of others. These are a few gifts that could appeal to medical assistants.

Medical assistant accessories

If you want to get your MA or medical assistant student something to wear or display, then there’s no shortage of medical assistant gear on sites like Etsy. If you’re looking for shirts, rings, mugs, earrings, or a necklace for an MA, you can probably find one. Even better, chances are you can get an online creator to personalize an accessory or gift, which will go even further when it comes to showing your MA or MA student you support their healthcare journey.

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Books about healthcare (that they’ll want to read)

Medical assistants and MA students have no shortage of books about healthcare, but they probably want to take a break from the textbooks with something that will grip them with its narrative.

For example, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is about healthcare, communication, and understanding of disease across cultures, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a biography of probably the most remarkable medical research subject of all time, and The Emperor of All Maladies dives into the history of cancer.

All of these books are about some of the denser, more difficult areas of healthcare that continue to challenge healthcare professionals. They also get into some of the most pressing issues medical assistants could see on the job.

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Their favorite medical shows on DVD or Blu-ray

Just like how Star Trek inspires young scientists, many healthcare professionals are driven to join the profession by popular media they encounter growing up. While shows like Doogie Howser and House might play fast and loose with the details of medicine, they can still be an important step for someone who wants to join healthcare. Maybe the MA in your life was inspired by ER, Chicago Hope, or Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. If they were, receiving a favorite show from their teenage years might very well rekindle their inspiration and remind them of why they chose healthcare.

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Ameritech gear

Lastly, don’t forget about the Ameritech bookstore. School spirit isn’t just for jerseys and jackets. We show ATC pride on scrubs and other gear too!

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Perfect Gifts for the Medical Assistant in Your Life