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9 Facts About Our Online RN-BSN Program [E-Book]

Learn about our fast RN-BSN program offered online.

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You may have determined that you don’t want to work the floor forever. You already know that going back to school and completing your BSN leads to higher pay, leadership opportunities, and greater job prospects.

And you have a lot of great options for getting your BSN.

Ameritech is for nurses, by nurses.

  • 100% online program fits into your busy work and home life.
  • Accredited through the CCNE.
  • Dedicated healthcare college means you know right away if you’re accepted.
  • 100% placement rate, with lifetime job placement.

While you’re downloading the e-book, check out our blog, full of fun, relevant resources for your healthcare career. Give us a ring at 801-816-1444.

9 Facts About Our Online RN-BSN Program [E-Book]