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What’s the Best Way to Start My Healthcare Career?

 Beginning a healthcare career doesn’t have to mean years of college expenses. See why becoming a medical assistant is the best place to start.

Healthcare is a steadily growing field. America’s population is both growing and aging, and new healthcare technology is changing how we care for each other. Medicine is becoming a larger part of the economy and the healthcare workforce is more prominent than ever. However, joining the field can seem like a huge undertaking—both in time and money.

Fortunately, there’s a way just about anyone can take part in healthcare: In a relatively short amount of time, you can become a medical assistant.

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Becoming a medical assistant is fast

It can take nearly a decade to become a full-on physician. It also takes years to become a registered nurse. But it’s possible to get yourself into a set of scrubs and start working in a hospital or clinic in about a year. Becoming a medical assistant means you can go from needing a job to having a job faster than many of your future coworkers. Ameritech’s medical assisting program is just 12 months.

Another bonus: less college debt. Because medical assistant programs are shorter than the training you’d have to do to become an M.D., RN, or other healthcare worker, you’ll be done with student loans before many of your peers.

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You’ll keep learning as a medical assistant

Your healthcare education doesn’t end with your MA program, though. Medical assistants work in a variety of healthcare environments like clinics and outpatient care centers. You’ll learn things on the job you never could in the classroom, and your experience will shape you into a better, more skilled healthcare worker.

Becoming a medical assistant is a fast way to get real-world healthcare experience.

You’ll have a better idea of the dynamics of healthcare organizations, how to communicate with real patients, and how care delivery actually functions on a day-to-day basis. If after working as an MA, you want to go back to school for nursing or another type of healthcare career, you’ll have the kind of solid foundation that can only come from working in the real world.

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Utah is a great place to start

Future medical assistants in Utah are in a good position for a few reasons. One of the largest and most well-regarded healthcare providers in the country is located here. Newly-minted medical assistants have numerous options available, but potentially working for a large healthcare company means you can establish familiarity and connections with an employer that commands respect throughout the industry.

Also, you have Ameritech. We take medical assisting seriously. Our staff are experienced experts who’ve all spent time in the field, and we can prepare you with the kind of hands-on experience that will give you an edge on your first day of medical assisting, and throughout your entire healthcare career.

To learn more about our medical assistant, nursing, or other healthcare programs, visit our programs page.

What’s the Best Way to Start My Healthcare Career?