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This Is What Your Career Could Look Like As a Medical Assistant

Career as a Medical Assistant

With the longest-running private medical assistant program in Utah, we couldn’t be prouder of our MA students at Ameritech — current and graduated. We’ve spent decades educating and learning alongside MAs, and so we’ve had the privilege of watching countless careers unfold. It’s a great profession, and a career track in and of itself.

The work is challenging and rewarding and changing every day, and the decision to become an MA can open up countless career doors. If you’re interested in healthcare, studying medical assisting is a great choice. Here’s what your career — and life — could look like:

First job: Gaining experience

At Ameritech College of Healthcare, we prepare all of our medical assisting students for the typical clinical and administerial duties. As you’ll discover at your first medical assisting job, though, no work is truly typical. Medical assistants fall under the jurisdiction of their doctors, so while you’ll do many tasks like taking vitals and drawing blood, legally you can do much more as long as you’ve been trained and are supervised by a physician. Whether your first job is in urgent care, podiatry, or any office with a physician, you’ll gain unique experience — professional and personal.

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Next step: Deciding your career

Some medical assistants remain at the same practice, working with the same physician, for their entire careers. Others want to move to larger (or smaller) clinical settings, or to a radically different medical practice, or into a different role in the office, like a manager. Whenever you decide to leave or indefinitely remain at your first office is when your career as an medical assistant begins to unfold.

This is when you decide what you most want out of your work, and it’s wonderful that there are so many options, because there are no right or wrong answers. It’s up to you. Medical assisting tends to attract people who want something more than just a paycheck from their jobs; they want fulfillment, and becoming an MA opens up many avenues for that.

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Down the road: Considering other healthcare careers

Medical assisting also opens up many doors to other paths. The experience you gain is invaluable, and it can give you a professional edge if you decide one day to apply to nursing school or radiology or any other medical profession. You’ll learn methods of communication and vocabulary that translate into just about any job in the healthcare field.

At Ameritech we offer our medical assisting graduates reduced tuition for our nursing program, since many of our MA students eventually want to become RNs.

Every person’s career is a unique journey, and we work hard to prepare and empower all of our students for the road ahead. Your career as an MA will be different, sometimes radically different, from that of your instructors and peers, but we believe it’s wonderful, necessary, and gratifying work.

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To learn more about our medical assisting program, faculty, and curriculum, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

This Is What Your Career Could Look Like As a Medical Assistant