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Love, Ameritech Style

One pair of married nurses met at Ameritech. Learn how Brooke and Dax met in our nursing program and are building a life together.

Many couples meet while they’re in college, and Ameritech has been the venue for its share of meetings. Brooke and Dax Draper met in Ameritech’s nursing program. Both had been in healthcare prior to deciding to become nurses, both wanted to finish fast, and they are now working at a Nevada hospital. This is their story.


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How did you two get interested in healthcare? What brought you to the field?

Dax: I’d been working in a rural hospital as a phlebotomist when I turned eighteen and I eventually worked my way around different parts of the hospital. I saw what the nurses did and how they helped people, and I figured that’s what I should do.


Brooke: I was working as a medical assistant for a long time in Vegas and in Utah, and I really liked the feeling of helping people. I was looking for a career and I had two friends who had gone to Ameritech already. They convinced me to look into it and everything just kind of fell into place.

Dax, how did you decide on Ameritech?

Dax: I actually was going to school already. I grew up in Elko, Nevada, and the program in Elko takes altogether about four or five years, including doing your prerequisites. I wanted to get it done a lot faster than that. I saw Ameritech when I was in Utah visiting family and I had a cousin who was just starting there. She said she really liked it.


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You guys met at Ameritech. How did that come about?

Brooke: We were both in the same semester, so we had all of our classes together. We just saw each other from across the room, and I thought he was cute. Then we ended up talking during some of our classes, and I actually got his phone number to study. We ended up hanging out and started dating. All of our friends were super excited about it! We both feel like that was maybe the reason we were at Ameritech at the same time. So we could meet there.


Dax: I liked living in Nevada, and when I started out at Ameritech I was just going to get my degree and move somewhere like a smaller town. I wasn’t looking to date anyone, let alone marry anyone. I just wanted to get my degree done. I’d actually just broken up with a girl at the beginning of the semester because she’d said I studied too much. So I thought that it just wasn’t the time to be dating, but then Brooke asked me out. It was something I’d never experienced before.


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What was your day-to-day life like at school?

Brooke: It was really good! Because we were dating and doing school at the same time, we understood that we had to study a lot. We motivated each other. Well, sometimes we hindered each other by saying “I don’t want to study. Let’s go watch a movie.” But most of the time we helped each other and we quizzed each other. It was really great that we had each other to go through school with.

What was the wedding like?

Dax: It was good! We got engaged in our second semester and planned it for right after finals in third semester. So, third semester was pretty stressful. We’d work together. If she was planning stuff for the wedding, I would try to make dinner, and we’d quiz each other while we were multitasking.


Brooke: We took our last final on Thursday and we got married on Friday. It was pretty crazy! We were stressed out until then. We weren’t even going to look at our grades because they were going to post them on the day of our wedding. One of the teachers called us and said “I don’t think anyone should have to worry about their grades on their wedding day, so here you go. You guys both passed.”


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How have things been since then?

Dax: We live in Spring Creek, Nevada, and there’s a rural hospital that we both work at. I work in the ER [in a non-nursing job] and Brooke works in the ICU.


Brooke: It’s been good! We probably wouldn’t have been able to get these positions had we stayed in Utah, so we decided that our best bet would be to come to a place that was a smaller hospital. Dax’s dad is a podiatrist at the hospital, so we figured that this would be a good place for us.


Dax: They were hurting pretty bad for nurses. They still are. So they were giving sign-on bonuses that were really hard to pass up.


Brooke: We’re really happy that we’re here! We get to see a ton of stuff that maybe we wouldn’t see elsewhere. We’re not in such a specialty hospital. He sees everything in the ER, and I see everything in the ICU. We’re not stuck on a floor somewhere dedicated to only transplants or heart patients or the like. We get to see a lot of stuff, which we’re excited about.


Are you ready to start a life of nursing at Ameritech? We can’t guarantee you’ll find the love of your life, but you might find a life you love. Nursing school is a challenge that changes you personally as well as professionally, and you never know how you’ll grow, change, or thrive there. Visit our program pages to learn more about our nursing and RN–BSN programs, or follow us on Facebook.

Love, Ameritech Style