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6 Healthcare-Themed Halloween Costumes

It's October! Here's a roundup of our favorite healthcare-inspired halloween costumes.

It’s October, so you know what that means: Halloween is on the way, and you need to be prepared. Forget the witch’s hat and set aside the vampire teeth. This year you’ve got Ameritech to help plan a killer costume. You’ll be the star of any school get-together or Halloween party with one of these healthcare-themed ensembles. Get inspired by these spooky ideas, and have a Happy Halloween!


Florence Nightingale is the perfect nursing hero to emulate on Halloween.


1. Nursing hero

Who inspired you to become a nurse? Like we do for graduation, consider dressing up as Florence Nightingale or another famous nursing figure. This smart take on Halloween lets you pay homage to the important nurses who have come before you, and also gives you an amazing costume. So open your history books and choose your favorite nursing hero!


Make your Halloween scary by dressing up as a zombie nurse.

2. Zombie nurse

If scary costumes are your forte, try this one on for size. Zombies are always a classic costume, but it’s easy to add a fun medical twist. Transform yourself into a zombie nurse with an old pair of scrubs and some zombie makeup from the Halloween store. Mess up your hair and smear fake blood on your scrubs. Scary and super simple, this costume will have everyone screaming for BRRAAAIIINNNSSS.


Choose a group costume and dress up as a party of skeletons.

3. Spooky skeletons

Group costumes can be the best part of Halloween, so consider going as a group of skeletons. Wear long-sleeved black shirts and pants, and tape paper cutouts of bones to your body. Make sure it’s anatomically accurate, though. If you’re missing bones, your nursing peers are going to notice (and we won’t be responsible if they mock you for it). Crafting your costumes as a group is also part of the fun, so take a break from studying and make a mini Halloween party out of it with snacks and a scary movie.


Dress up as your favorite nursing textbook for Halloween.

4. Your favorite textbook

Unleash your nursing nerdiness and dress up as your favorite medical text! Using a big piece of cardboard and some string or ribbon, make a large card to hang around your neck that looks like the cover of your favorite book. Memorize quotes and facts from the text and spout them out at random during your Halloween party. If you need a few specific books to consider, take a look at these titles. This funny and unique costume will set you apart and appeal to everyone’s nerdy side.


Dress up as your favorite organ, like the human eye.


5. Your favorite organ

You’re healthcare students, so we know you love learning about the human body! Get creative and dress up like a giant eyeball, a brain, a spleen — whatever works for you. Again, a group costume is fun, so consider pairing up with some friends. You can all choose different organs and take the party by storm. You can even play some fun medical trivia at your Halloween party based on your organs. For example: “What tests would you run on a patient with a suspected diagnosis of glaucoma?” The nursing fun just doesn’t end!

Dress up as a medical practice dummy wearing aviators.


6. Practice dummy

As healthcare students, you’re well acquainted with the trusty practice dummies. Cake on the foundation to give yourself a pasty complexion, draw on really thick plastic eyebrows, and don a hospital gown. There’s nothing better than a cool practice dummy, though, so add some aviators to the ensemble and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to walk around with stiff arms and legs. That’ll really sell the outfit.


Oh, and the glaucoma tests? You want to check inner eye pressure, optic nerve shape and color, field of vision, the angle where the iris meets the cornea, and the thickness of the cornea. Just in case you were wondering!


Whether you choose scary, smart, or funny, there’s a healthcare-inspired Halloween costume for everyone. Also, in case you were wondering about the answer to the glaucoma question above, remember that tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, perimetry, gonioscopy, and pachymetry are the five common tests used to accurately diagnose glaucoma. If you’re ready to make healthcare your career, visit our programs page to learn more, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.


6 Healthcare-Themed Halloween Costumes