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Perfect Gift Ideas for DLTs

Do you have a crafty, creative Dental Laboratory Technician on your list? Here’s what to give them.

If you know a Dental Laboratory Assistant, you probably wonder what to get them for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Here’s a brief list of what to get the DLT or DLT student in your life and how to go about finding a gift that these tech-savvy crafters will appreciate.

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DLTs work with high-tech materials, machines, and computer design. They tend to have an appreciation for gadgets, tools, and high-tech, labor-saving doohickeys. Now, most people enjoy popular gadgets like smartphones and tablets, but try to see if there’s a specific kind of tool that your DLT has been wanting.

Do that by trying to find out what problem they need to solve. Are they a gearhead? Find out the car issue they want to fix, and see what could help them fix it. Do they like to cook? Steer the conversation to what sort of recipes they’re thinking of but haven’t made yet, and find the right kitchen gadget to help. Or perhaps they have a common complaint. If you can find a gadget-y solution to something they have to deal with on a regular basis, they’ll not only be appreciative, but they’ll also have an admiration for your technology-based approach to problems.

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DLTs spend a lot of time in the lab. Sometimes they’re absorbed in what they’re doing, concentrating intently on making a crown or bridge. Other times, though, they’re doing something more routine. When that’s the case, they’re probably listening to music or audiobooks on their headphones.

Audiobooks are a great way to spend time while performing a task you’ve done a thousand times and completely internalized. They’re also a good way to consume longer, dense texts. Sitting down and reading “War and Peace,” for instance, might seem like a tall order. But listening to it while jogging or crafting prosthetics is far more accessible. The two most popular audio services out there that you can gift a DLT are Audible, which specializes in books, and The Great Courses, which offers audio lectures in nearly any topic your DLT or DLT student could be interested in. With a membership to a service like that, they can learn all about Renaissance art while also making sculptures of their own.

Dental art

Teeth are fascinating. They can be beautiful, macabre, and otherworldly all at once. So of course they’re a great subject for art. DLTs spend much of their time crafting dental prosthetics that are meant to be functional and utilitarian, so giving them something tooth-related that’s meant to be primarily aesthetic could make for a nice change.

Obviously you shouldn’t give DLTs any art that incorporates real human teeth. Buying and selling bits of people is neither ethical nor legal. However, there’s a lot of amazing tooth-themed art out there, like these digital paintings of teeth. There’s also no shortage of dental art out there. Find some that speaks to your DLT!

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Craft supplies

Dental laboratory assistants and DLT students often join the profession because they want to use their hands to create. Many DLTs make bridges and crowns on the job, but on nights and weekends have another crafty passion. Do they knit? Get them some yarn or needles. Do they paint? Get them some brushes and canvas. Are they a sculptor? They could probably use more clay. Whatever creative activity keeps them going, feed it. That impulse to craft and create led them to their job. Keep it going.

Ameritech gear

Don’t forget about school spirit! If you’re shopping for an Ameritech graduate or student, you can always get them gear from the Ameritech bookstore. Whether they attend a big state school or a small college, almost everyone likes to show pride in their alma mater, and Ameritech is no exception!

If you want to learn more about DLTs, take a moment to learn about Utah’s only accredited dental laboratory technician program, and keep in touch with the Ameritech community on Facebook.

Perfect Gift Ideas for DLTs