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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads in Healthcare

Father’s Day is almost here! Here are some ideas for what to get the dad in your life who works in healthcare.

Father’s day is coming up! Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for, but if the dad in your life is a nurse, medical assistant, or other healthcare professional, we have a few ideas about what to get him.

1. Scrubs and underscrubs

If your dad has the type of job that requires scrubs, he’s probably always in need of a new set. Companies such as Figs and Carhartt specialize in scrubs for men. Whether Dad’s style is sporty or casual, there’s almost certainly something out there for him.

Scrubs aren’t the only clothing your dad will wear out on the job. Be sure he’s also equipped with a set of underscrubs. Having a fresh set of the full ensemble will ensure that he walks into work the next day feeling fresh, well-dressed, and ready to provide his patients the best care possible.

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2. Books and audiobooks

Does your dad enjoy a good book? He probably has a favorite author or subject, and chances are he’ll love a new book about his interests. Healthcare professionals are busy, so it’s likely that dad might not have a lot of time to sit down and read.

A subscription to or gift card from an audio service such as Audible or The Great Courses will provide dad with a lot of the great stuff he loves in audio form. He might not have time to relax with a book, but he’ll probably be able to listen to audiobooks or lectures during his commute. And, if he doesn’t have them already, throw in a good pair of headphones, so your gift sounds as good as possible.

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3. Vintage medical guides

Not all dads are history buffs, but plenty of history buffs are dads. If he is into studying the past, give him a piece of medical history. Amazon has no shortage of vintage anatomical posters, for instance. Of course, vintage medical gear won’t be accurate by today’s standards; our understanding of healthcare has come a long way in the past one hundred years. If dad is a nurse or an MA, he’ll probably have all kinds of quibbles with old charts and graphs, but that’s part of what makes the past so fascinating.

4. Medical gear

We’ve already talked about gifts for nursing students. A lot of those options also apply here. Dad very well might appreciate a new stethoscope, penlight, clip board, or other pieces of equipment that he has to use every day on the job. Ask him (or, if you want to surprise him, ask his co-workers) what bit of on-the-job equipment he could really use, and every time he uses his penlight or stethoscope, he’ll think of you.

5. Time for himself

Working in healthcare means people constantly depend on you. Several types of people (doctors, nurses, medical assistants, patients) rely on your dad every single day. For Father’s Day, give him some time off. Let him take a break from any housework or domestic chores he’s normally responsible for.

Is he the one who makes breakfast? Cook him some pancakes. Is he the guy responsible for the lawn? This week, rev up the lawn mower and cut the grass yourself. Let him kick up his feet. There will still be plenty for him to be responsible for come the next workday.

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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads in Healthcare