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Developing a Work-Life Balance at Ameritech

Work-Life balance is always necessary, but it’s especially important for healthcare students and professionals.


Work-life balance is essential both for healthcare students and healthcare professionals. Healthcare is an involving and often demanding field. Much will be required of your mind, time, and emotions. Not properly caring for yourself, not managing your time, or being worked too hard can lead to nurse burnout, a persistent problem for healthcare professionals.


We don’t want you to burn out, either from your studies or your job. At Ameritech, we’re here to support your academic and professional success, and we’re here to help you become both an effective healthcare worker and person.


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Develop a personal support system

Far and away the most important part of developing a work-life balance is cultivating a personal support system. Friends and family will play a key role in helping you escape from school and life for a time. It can be very easy to find yourself getting consumed by your studies and career, but a support system prevents that. It keeps you grounded and reminds you of what’s important. Don’t forget these people.


Part of cultivating that support system, though, is learning to say no. As a student and healthcare professional, you’ll have to be able to comfortably tell your friends and family that you will sometimes be unavailable for social events, either because you need time to work or study, or you need time to yourself. Hopefully, they will respect and understand your need to say no and do what you need to do.


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Hone your time management skills

Your time will become all the more valuable as you continue with your studies at Ameritech and later on when you become a healthcare professional. Time management will be necessary throughout your healthcare career. It can be very easy, both in your studies and in your work, to look at everything you need to do and freeze from stress.


Break down large tasks into small achievable ones. Be realistic about how long each task takes you. Plan out what you’ll be doing every day and block out what you have time for. If you find yourself bored or without a task, assign yourself something. And plan downtime. You’ll need that too.


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Make technology work for you

Technology can be a source of stress, but when managed correctly, it can also offer a certain amount of relief and flexibility. Maybe the greatest contribution the internet has given us is the ability to work and study remotely. At Ameritech, you’ll have access to online study materials, which you’ll be able to peruse in a way that works with your schedule.


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Learn to relax

Relaxation, sleep, and time away are all essential for healthy engagement with your studies and career. We’ve already mentioned how important it is to have a social support system, but it’s also important to actually do things that keep you refreshed. Make time for activities with family on your days off or even in the evenings.


That said, choose relaxation activities that are actually relaxing for you. It’s very easy to burn away free time with things your social group finds fun but you don’t. If, for instance, you don’t find watching baseball refreshing, then don’t spend a weekend afternoon watching baseball. Do something that actually does refresh you.


Lastly, remember to sleep. There’s no virtue in staying up late, running yourself ragged, and being only half there during waking hours. Sleep to relax, and sleep because it will make you more effective during waking hours. If you try to go hard all the time, you’ll fail. Work-life balance isn’t just necessary for your life at school, after all. You should also master it so you’re that much more effective at work.


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Developing a Work-Life Balance at Ameritech