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ATC Pride Award: Danielle Jorgensen, MA Student

ATC Pride Award: Danielle JorgensonWe love our students at Ameritech College of Healthcare, and we know we wouldn’t be anything without them.

Every month, we’re highlighting a new student, nominated by faculty, whose work in and out of the classroom represents what it means to be an outstanding Ameritech student. These are students who truly exhibit ATC Pride. This month, we spoke with Carrie Hammond, the director of our Medical Assisting program, who selected Danielle Jorgensen for her dedication and tenacity to the field. This week, Danielle began her externship at a “lucky office,” as Hammond said, and we’re so proud of her and her contribution to Ameritech.

Why we chose Danielle Jorgensen, MA Student

“From her very first day on campus,” Carrie Hammond told us, “Danielle has been a model Medical Assistant student.” On paper, the reason for that is obvious. Danielle has excellent grades and near-perfect attendance—both difficult in our program that prepares students for CMA (AAMA) certification and work in less than a year, and more difficult to do with a smile, which Danielle brought to every class and lab.

She also brought a willingness to help, volunteering for and participating in everything she could. Just in the past few months since enrolling at Ameritech, Danielle has participated in the Utah Farm Bureau Federation Annual Conference, performing health screens for Utah farmers and their spouses, and volunteered numerous hours to assist Friends for Sight, offering vision screenings at local public schools. She has shown sincere care for everyone around her, from classmates to faculty to the students and farmers who might be considered her first patients. It’s this desire to make a difference, to really positively impact every person’s life, that makes a Medical Assistant great. We’re proud to have witnessed Danielle’s work and are confident it signals the beginning of a wonderful career.

A passion for people

Danielle began Ameritech after years of exploring other career options, a path that included earning a bachelor’s degree in social work. She cared about people and considered pursuing medical social work further but wanted a career that didn’t totally consume her life. After talking with two cousins who work as Medical Assistants, Danielle began researching the field, which seemed immediately to combine the best of both worlds. She looked into Medical Assisting programs in Utah, then met with Carrie Hammond, and quickly matriculated.

“I know myself more,” she told us, reflecting on the decision, “so I knew I wasn’t going to get into it and decide that’s not what I want to do.”

She was right. Our program isn’t easy, but Danielle has excelled at mastering information and skills, despite its differences from her previous college courses. Medical Assisting is more objective than social work. It requires exact knowledge and facts. Still, it can offer similar opportunities to help patients emotionally as they’re preparing for surgery or awaiting a doctor’s diagnosis. With her positive disposition and willingness to learn at every opportunity, Danielle is poised to improve the life of every patient she encounters in her externship and beyond.

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Prepared to be a Medical Assistant

Danielle just began work in an urgent care office, and like her first day of classes at Ameritech, she’s felt pangs of nervousness, but that passed quickly. Going through our Medical Assisting program in Draper in only a few months can make the process of becoming a Medical Assistant feel surreal. She told us it still doesn’t feel real, that even with a lot of labs and hands-on experience she doesn’t feel like a Medical Assistant yet. Even before her externship started, though, she felt prepared to be one. We couldn’t be prouder to hear that, and though we’ll miss her after she graduates, we know Danielle Jorgensen will be as great an asset to any medical practice as she’s been to Ameritech.

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If you’ve ever considered attending Medical Assisting school, there’s no better time to apply. We’re proud to teach students like Danielle, and our curriculum is designed to prepare them to begin work caring for patients in less than a year. To learn more about our affordable Medical Assisting program in Utah, and please reach out with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

ATC Pride Award: Danielle Jorgensen, MA Student