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Self-Care as a Student

Students and self-care do not typically mix. Nursing school is an excellent time to prepare for the real-world nursing job.

More than anything else at Ameritech, we appreciate our students. Here’s what we enjoy about each of our programs.

Student Appreciation at Ameritech

Right now, the week of October 16th, we’re in the middle of one of our favorite times of the year! There’s nothing we appreciate more at Ameritech than our healthcare students. That’s why every semester we have Student Appreciation Days when we provide lunch, chair massages, and raffle away prizes for our hardworking students. Obviously, ...

It's October! Here's a roundup of our favorite healthcare-inspired halloween costumes.

6 Healthcare-Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s October, so you know what that means: Halloween is on the way, and you need to be prepared. Forget the witch’s hat and set aside the vampire teeth. This year you’ve got Ameritech to help plan a killer costume. You’ll be the star of any school get-together or Halloween party with one of these ...

Don’t wait until you get your degree to become a healthcare volunteer. Take action while you’re still a student.

Volunteer Opportunities for Healthcare Students

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a healthcare professional is volunteering. Healthcare professionals have opportunities to assist in tragedies and disasters, go abroad to serve poorer populations, or help low-income people at home. Lending your skills to those most vulnerable and assisting in dire situations where you’re needed most is often a highlight ...

A trade school could provide the education and expertise you need to start your career.

Why You Should Consider a Trade School

Getting done with high school is a great moment for most American students. But, after school’s out and the diploma has been framed and hung on the wall, plenty of newly-minted adults think, “Now what?” College doesn’t have to be the automatic next step after high school. You have options! A trade school or accredited ...

Winter is long and cold in Draper, Utah, but that doesn’t mean our students need to hibernate! Try these fun local activities to survive the winter.

How Ameritech Students Survive Winter in Draper, Utah

If your winter routine looks like this, you’re not alone: Wake → shower → don scrubs → work/school → school/work → eat → sleep → repeat. Going to school in Utah in the middle of winter has been known to spark the deep winter blues. If you or someone you know exhibits the following symptoms, ...