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Nursing is universal but licences aren’t. Find out how to work beyond your borders.

How to Get Started in International Nursing

The entire world needs nurses. Unlike manufacturing or tech, healthcare is not an industry that can be outsourced or concentrated in a particular area. It needs to be everywhere. That means nurses need to be able to cross borders and go where they’re needed most. What follows is a general outline of how to work ...

Find out what two experts have to say about clinicals, one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of nursing school.

What Are Nursing School Clinicals?

Nursing school goes far beyond the classroom. Sure, you’ll spend plenty of time listening to lectures and reading up on anatomy, but eventually you’re going to have to put your knowledge to use. Clinicals get you out into the world where you can do that. They’re known for being challenging, but clinicals offer students valuable ...

Find out what unusual workplaces you might end up in if you become a nurse.

Weird Places Nurses Can Work

Becoming a nurse can take you places—and we mean that literally. While the majority of nurses work in hospitals or nursing care facilities, there are plenty of other types of work environments that will appreciate your skills. Some are luxurious, some are strange, and some demand that you be as hard as nails. Not all ...

You can’t just walk into nursing school. This is how you plan for an education that will change your life.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Plan for Nursing School?

Nursing school isn’t something you do on a whim. It takes planning and consideration. But how much? How far in advance do you need to plan for nursing school? The answer is “it depends.” Some schools put prospective students on a waiting list, delaying when they can start school for as much as a year. ...

Nursing school can be rewarding, but challenging. The less you think about the everyday stuff, the more you can focus on the important things.

How to Succeed in Nursing School

Nursing school can be rewarding, stressful, enriching, confusing, and satisfying all at once. For many students, it will be one of the most academically rigorous experiences of their lives. Any nurse can probably tell you all about late nights studying, challenging tests, and dizzying clinicals during their time as a student. Remember everything in life ...

What Am I Getting Into?

Nursing is a rewarding career, but thriving in it requires managing your expectations and your fears.

You might see the word “accredited” pop up a lot in your search for colleges. This is what that actually means.

What Is an Accredited College?

You might see the word “accredited” pop up a lot in your search for colleges. This is what that actually means.