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Lab values aren’t constant, but knowing generally accepted ranges is essential for passing the NCLEX and for a career as a nurse.

Nursing Lab Values to Know

To be a nurse is to know lab values. Nearly every single shift you’ll have to note, record, and assess a whole lot of data generated by your patients. This information is crucial to their health and care, and knowing how to record, manage, and interpret this data will be a big part of your ...

No two NCLEX tests are the same, but you can still prepare by knowing these 10 essential types of questions.

10 Common Types of NCLEX Questions

To become an RN, you need to pass NCLEX. It’s a comprehensive, adaptive test that can last for anywhere from 75 to 265 questions. Due to the computerized nature of the exam, no two NCLEX tests are the same. Many nursing students, very understandably, find the test to be a little daunting. When you decide ...

Once nursing students graduate, one final test looms between them and the start of their careers: the NCLEX.

7 Essential NCLEX Study Tips

After all their hard work, nursing students graduate with one final test standing between them and their first nursing job: the National Council Licensure Examination, commonly called the NCLEX. If you graduated from a nursing school that prepared you well, you’ve already learned the foundations and the specialized knowledge you’ll need to become an incredible ...

How to avoid common mistakes on the NCLEX

6 Common NCLEX Mistakes to Avoid

  Your resolve will be tested. Your critical thinking skills will be tested. Your commitment to your chosen profession in nursing may be tested. Yes, we’re talking about the NCLEX! It’s for good reason that the NCLEX might be the hardest test you’ll ever take. Nurses save the lives of patients every day. They’re so ...

Creating an NCLEX study plan that will help you pass the exam

Passing the Licensure Exam: An NCLEX Study Plan

Once nursing students finish their clinical rotations and courses and graduate from nursing school, one final hurdle looms between them and their first nursing job: the National Council Licensure Examination, commonly known as the NCLEX. If you graduated from a good nursing school, you’ve already learned the foundations and the specialized knowledge you’ll need to ...

NCLEX pass rates are higher than average at Ameritech College of Healthcare and in Utah

NCLEX Pass Rates in Utah

The Utah State Board of Nursing recently released the 2015 NCLEX-RN pass rates for Utah. Before we delve into the results, here’s a little refresher for context. There are many critical metrics used to monitor how well a school is doing. For a nursing college, one of the best indicators of success is the percentage ...

Male nurse using guides to study for the NCLEX exam

The Best of the Best Books for Passing the NCLEX

The NCLEX can be friend or foe to freshly graduated nurses. Okay, maybe it’s not your friend while you’re spending hours upon hours studying, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the death of you! Before you begin slogging through the dozens and dozens of NCLEX study guides available, it’s good practice to establish what ...

NCLEX Wednesday #15 – NCLEX Lab Values

It’s that time again. Wherever you are in the process of studying for the National Council Licensure Examination, the study tips we’ve assembled in this series and our free ebook should help you pass the NCLEX. For this set of NCLEX study tips, we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of giving you a handful of ...

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