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5 Common Questions about NCLEX-RN Exam

The NCLEX-RN is a required examination that nursing students must pass in order to gain licensure to become a registered nurse. At Ameritech, our nursing programs prioritize RN licensure, which is why students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX after as little as 5 semesters (about 18 months). An advantage to taking the NCLEX ...


Direct Entry MSN Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

One consideration on every potential student’s mind is tuition. How much will it cost me to get my Nursing degree? While tuition is bound to be a heavily-weighted factor when exploring direct entry Master of Science in Nursing programs, it is important to keep in mind that tuition per credit hour is just one part ...


What is an Accelerated Direct Entry to MSN Program?

How Does an Accelerated MSN Program Work? A direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program creates a fast, efficient pathway for anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in any non-nursing field to advance in the field of nursing. Blending online coursework with onsite clinical, labs, and simulation,  Ameritech’s accelerated MSN program equips students with the ...

nursing students in classroom with instructor and text overlay "Requirements for Direct Entry MSN for Non-Nursing Majors"

Direct Entry MSN Programs for Non-Nursing Majors: Everything You Need to Know

With an industry-wide nursing shortage, it’s more important than ever to start preparing the next generation of caregivers. A direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program helps fast track a career in nursing for people who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major. Any undergraduate coursework can apply towards a Master of Science ...

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Direct Entry MSN Program: 5 Things To Know

If you have a bachelor’s degree and are looking for a way to reignite your career path, the direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program at Ameritech College may be your ticket to a successful and fulfilling career. Everything from class size and facilities to faculty and tuition can influence your experience at school. ...

students in blue scrubs walking into college with graphic text overlay "explore student life on ameritech campus"

Student Life on Campus at Ameritech

At Ameritech, we’re committed to helping you develop a nursing career that’s founded in academic rigor, excellence, and integrity. Here, you’ll pursue a meaningful education and add to a powerful network of like-minded professionals in the healthcare community. On-Campus Experience at a Nursing Program in Utah Learn more about the student life that makes us ...