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MA 3 Steps

How to Become a Medical Assistant in 3 Steps

If you’re looking to start an exciting career in healthcare, becoming a medical assistant is one the fastest paths you can take to get there. Medical assisting also offers great employment potential, terrific benefits, and lasting job security—making it a smart choice for those seeking a solid, long-term career path. Why Medical Assisting? With medical ...

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What’s the Best Way to Start My Healthcare Career?

Healthcare is a steadily growing field. America’s population is both growing and aging, and new healthcare technology is changing how we care for each other. Medicine is becoming a larger part of the economy and the healthcare workforce is more prominent than ever. However, joining the field can seem like a huge undertaking—both in time ...

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Meet Your Co-Workers: Medical Assistant Edition

No one in healthcare works alone. Medical assistants are part of a team, and as a medical assistant you can work with nearly anyone in the healthcare world. These are just a few of the most common types of people an MA can work with. Related Resource: Why Should I Become a Medical Assistant? Physicians ...


What Is Medical Assistant (NCMA) Certification?

If you become a medical assistant you could wear a lot of hats for a healthcare organization. Some MAs work in a laboratory recording test results, while others perform administrative tasks. Some deal directly with patients, while others code medical records. Because there are so many potential jobs for a medical assistant to perform, MAs ...

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What Type of Medical Assisting is Right for You?

Becoming a medical assistant means joining a growing and necessary field in healthcare. Medical assistants do much of the day-to-day work that makes healthcare function, be it in a lab or at a desk. Medical assistants work in a variety of environments, and if you decide to pursue this in-demand career, there are a few ...