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Why 10 Months? Becoming a Medical Assistant in Less Than a Year

Becoming a Medical Assistant in Less Than a Year-01

At Ameritech College of Healthcare, we don’t think you should wait to start your career any longer than you need to.

Training and studying are critical for any healthcare profession, and you can’t learn everything overnight, but the best curriculums are efficient at both—imparting knowledge without wasting time. With our Medical Assisting program, you can graduate in 10 months, trained and ready to work as a Medical Assistant in any clinic or practice. Our goal has always been to prepare students to be the best, which requires learning the right skills, knowledge, and work habits. We know that can happen in 10 months, and this is why.

We expect great things of our students

Our director of Medical Assisting, Carrie Hammond, has said, “We expect our students to be the best, and we give them the training, knowledge, skills, and professional tools they need to be the best.” We strive to be the best Medical Assisting program in Utah—not the easiest. An accelerated education can be challenging, even for students who received straight A’s throughout high school, but we believe our students are more than capable. Our curriculum prepares them for the CMA (AAMA), the gold standard of MA certification exams. This requires students to learn a tremendous amount of practices, terms, and skills before they can work with patients, but the success of our graduates proves it’s possible to be a Medical Assistant in less than a year.

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We’re committed to being affordable

An education that’s longer than it needs to be doesn’t just waste time: It wastes money. We expect great things and hard work from our students throughout the 10 month program, and in return our MA faculty provides them with an incredible and affordable education. We’re proud to be the most affordable private Medical Assisting program in Utah, which we’ve become through developing our curriculum that’s efficient and effective at training students. Remaining affordable will always be important to us, which is why we help our students become Medical Assistants in less than a year.

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We don’t believe the learning ever stops

Be teachable, we say again and again to our students, because we know they’ll always have opportunities to learn, even if they stay in the same job and medical practice their whole career. The healthcare field changes quickly; there are always new ways to care for patients; and every new colleague will have some new piece of knowledge to impart to make you a better Medical Assistant. Our program prepares you to begin working as soon as you graduate, laying a basic foundation of skills and knowledge through classes and your externship. You’ll learn a lot from our faculty, but you’ll never stop learning throughout your career. We can train you to be a Medical Assistant in 10 months, and after that, you have your whole life to learn new things.

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At Ameritech College of Healthcare we want to help our students begin their new careers as quickly as possible, and our curriculum is built around that goal. You can become a healthcare professional as a Medical Assistant in less than a year, saving time and money. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us for information about the program. We always love to hear from you!

Why 10 Months? Becoming a Medical Assistant in Less Than a Year