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ATC Pride Award: Logan Porter

ATC Pride Award Logan Porter

At Ameritech College of Healthcare, it’s our students who make us what we are.

We’re proud of our faculty, program directors, or curricula, but we couldn’t imagine working with better students. Every day we’re privileged to teach future providers and leaders in Nursing, Medical Assisting, and Dental Lab Technology. Every student makes us proud, and so we’re starting a new series where we highlight the work and passion of new students every month, elected by faculty.

Why we chose Logan Porter, RN Student

During his third semester rotation on the Med/Surg floor, Logan Porter, RN student, saw one of his patients become unresponsive, pulseless, and apneic. Other nurses were in the room, but it was Logan who first recognized the situation and initiated chest compressions. Even after the code team arrived to relieve him he attempted IV access and continued to work with the team to resuscitate the patient. He stayed with his patient and provided care as the patient was transferred to the ICU.

During clinical rotations, nursing students are in the real world, working with patients with real needs and, sometimes, life-threatening injuries or illnesses. They are more than “just students;” they are caregivers. It isn’t common for nursing students to have to stabilize a coding patient, but if it happens, they have to act calmly and decisively, like a registered nurse—and like Logan did.

We talked with him about the experience and what brought him into nursing.

Life prepared him for nursing school

Before Ameritech, Logan was in the military and then worked in firefighting, neither of which could be called a “low stress” occupation. As an EMS responder, he saw and helped many injured people. These experiences trained him to act quickly, even in frantic and high pressure situations, and made him able to focus on what needs to be done as it’s happening. He and fellow firefighters regularly stabilized patients as they transported them to the hospital, but eventually he wanted to do more than stabilize: He wanted to provide their full medical care.

Nursing on a whim

Some people know they want to be nurses when they’re children. Not Logan: When he joined the Air Force, he thought that was his dream career; when he left there, he thought he’d be a firefighter for the rest of his life. One day, while talking with a nurse who worked at his father’s company, she suggested he apply to school, and a couple of months before Ameritech’s next nursing semester began, he did. The decision was a little impulsive, but already, and for the first time, he feels like nursing is what he’s supposed to do with his life.

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What he’s learned so far

Firefighting and the military prepared Logan for stress. When he saw the patient coding, he knew to act decisively, because he’d been trained for those situations. As for everything else, it’s been a huge learning experience—which nursing school tends to be for everyone of any background. It’s a total time commitment, teaching and training students about pathophysiology and how to survive a 12-hour shift in the ICU. Logan’s first clinical rotation working with critical patients was in his third semester, and it proved to be a little overwhelming, but also exhilarating. Unlike a lot of his nursing class cohort, he never worked in a hospital before Ameritech, and the sight of so many patients hooked up to IVs could startle anybody. More than anything, for Logan it just affirmed he’d made the right decision to apply to nursing school.

A future flight nurse

Logan has a little more than a year left at Ameritech, and when he graduates he hopes to work in an ICU and build up enough experience to become a flight nurse. He never grew tired of the thrill of flying in the military, so the idea of combining that passion with his nursing career seems like the perfect fit. Flight nursing is a competitive nursing specialty, and prior ICU experience alone can take anywhere from 5-10 years, but once he’s secured that position, he’ll probably never leave.

If you’ve ever considered attending nursing school, there’s no better time to apply. At Ameritech College of Healthcare, we never put qualified applicants on wait lists, which means you don’t have to defer your dream career for years and years, waiting for an admission letter. We’re proud to teach students like Logan, and our curriculum is designed to prepare them to care for patients and save lives as soon as they begin working. To learn more about our nursing program, read here, and please reach out with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

ATC Pride Award: Logan Porter