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AmeriTech College Construction Complete!


295 Days ago AmeriTech College began our biggest renovation to date at our Draper campus. We’re happy to report (and our students are certainly happy to hear) that we’re now celebrating its completion!

Seeing growth on the horizon and having experienced growth at the campus and online in the past few years, we began to unify the campus and prepare for the future. 2 years ago AmeriTech built into a new wing constructing 2 high fidelity simulation labs and 2 skills labs for our Nursing Program in Utah along with new faculty offices. At this time we also added a new Medical Assisting Program to the Draper Campus using one small classroom and one lab.

With our most recent renovation we chose to update the entire campus! Workers laid new tile and carpet in the main hallways along with new signage throughout. They retro fitted all of the lighting units with new low watt, very bright and environmentally friendly fixtures, and all of the restrooms have been remodeled. Also, the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the building has been updated. Utah is hot in the summer and cold in the winter – all ATCers are giving a standing ovation!

Additionally, we put in new carpet and paint in all 7 classrooms and have built a new classroom ready for our ATCers in January. We have opened up the study hall on the first floor and connected this space with a break room. We created an entirely new corporate division with 10 new offices and remodeled all of the administrative offices for the campus. We have a new testing center and (finally) the creation of a private testing room.

One of the things we’re most excited about with the renovation are the creation of two new beautiful, fully functional Medical Assisting Labs and three fully customized Dental Lab Technician classrooms/labs. We were able to build a large student lounge on the second floor with open access to the foyer. We have also modernized the exterior of the building, updating the entire façade with new bright signs that can be seen from the freeway and all access roads.

For our students, it is a new landmark that more and more people will be familiar with as they see AmeriTech College in the community. The building is modern and bright. Our Medical Assistant students have new education space and room for growth, and our Dental Lab Technicians have fully dedicated space for their program. For the Nursing students, the classrooms are comfortable and the new classroom is a perfect fit for our potential to offer an evening Nursing program. Our study space is quiet and the new student lounge is the perfect social space for all of our students. The dust has settled and the finishing touches are being completed…it’s a whole new AmeriTech College in Draper!

As a final note, we’d like to take the time to thank the dedicated construction team that built out this wonderful space. We’d also like to thank AmeriTech College staff and faculty for their flexibility during the process. Lastly (and most importantly) we’d like to thank our Draper ATCers. We ask a lot of you as students. We want you to be great, and that takes hard work. All the improvements were done in an effort to better serve you and to continue to train future generations of great healthcare professionals. We thank you for your patience and willingness to tolerate the dust and noise. Always remember, there is no us without you. Enjoy your new campus! #ATCpride

AmeriTech College Construction Complete!