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7 Must-Have Items for Healthcare Professionals

 Healthcare pros don’t go into their shifts empty-handed. These seven items are must-have gear for any shift.

Healthcare workers don’t go into their shifts empty-handed. If you’re a nurse or a medical assistant, you’ll be well-equipped. A healthcare professional’s everyday carry list includes items they need to complete administrative tasks, attend to patients, and fix miscellaneous problems.

1. Pens

Nurses and medical assistants can be very attached to their pens. Nurses are constantly taking notes, documenting, and writing during their shift. It’s important to have a reliable pen or set of pens on hand, preferably a brand that feels good in your hand and writes in a way that you like.

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2. Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a symbol of the healthcare profession for a good reason. Most nurses will have one around their neck for the majority of the shift, because you never know when you’ll have to use one to examine a patient.

3. Pen light

At some point in your healthcare career, you’ll probably get scheduled for a night shift. This means charting, reading instructions, and taking notes in dark rooms. A compact and dependable pen light is essential for those moments. Pen lights are also a diagnostic tool, which can allow a nurse to examine a patient’s veins or eyes.

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4. Clipboard and notebook

Healthcare workers take a lot of notes and fill out a lot of paperwork. Very often, they don’t have the luxury of sitting down at a desk for these tasks, so a clipboard is essential. Plenty of nurses and MAs use aluminum storage clipboards which can hold several forms, backup pens, and even medical supplies. Many healthcare workers will also carry a notebook with the clipboard, so they’re always ready to record information.

5. Medical reference

RNs learn plenty in nursing school, but they still need to look things up. A pocket medical guide on procedures, medications, and other healthcare information can be necessary for when you need to look up best practices or obscure info. There are still plenty of print pocket guides, but looking up information on a smartphone or tablet is becoming more and more the norm.

6. Bandage scissors

Nurses can change dozens of dressings over the course of a shift, and when it comes to bandages, normal paper shears just don’t cut it. Good bandage scissors are adjustable, rounded, and specifically curved for cutting bandages close to human skin.

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7. Multitool

Nurses and other healthcare workers will still have to deal with miscellaneous non-medical tasks over the course of their shift. They’ll need to open packages, tighten screws, and perform other small tasks. For those moments, a multitool like a Swiss Army Knife or a Leatherman is exactly what you need.

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7 Must-Have Items for Healthcare Professionals