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7 Gift Ideas for Nursing Students

Nurses and nursing students give a lot. Here are seven things you can give to them.

Graduations, holidays, and special occasions can leave you wondering what to give the nursing student in your life. Old standbys like a new sweater, a computer, or even cash are always an option, but if you want to help out a student on their journey to becoming a nurse, here are seven gift ideas for the future nurse in your life.

1. Shoes (by way of gift card)

Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, so comfortable footwear is a must. The future nurse in your life is going to stand, walk, and sometimes run from patient to project and back again, so new shoes and socks will be much appreciated. However, shoes are a personal, particular purchase. Chances are healthcare students will want to try on their future shoes before making a commitment to the footwear they’ll depend on every day. Give them a gift card for shoes instead. That way, you’ll provide them with something necessary, but they’ll still be able to pick out exactly what they need.

Or, if you’re not the gift card type, get them some socks. Compressions socks can be especially helpful, and some are even medical themed!

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2. Penlight

Healthcare workers need a penlight. It’s a diagnostic and examination tool that they’ll use all the time. In a hectic, unpredictable environment like a hospital, nurses could find themselves misplacing their penlights like writing utensils and always in need of another. And, even outside of the hospital miniature flashlights are still pretty handy.

3. Relaxation

Studying to be a nurse (especially while juggling work or parenting obligations) is a challenging, demanding experience. Cracking the books, studying for the NCLEX, and attending classes can take a lot out of a future nurse, so sometimes the best gift you can give them is a break from all that. A spa day, massage, or some other form of relaxation can recharge the nursing student in your life, so they’re rested up and ready to resume their studies.

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4. Aluminum storage clipboard

Nurses deal with an immense amount of information every day, and piles of essential paperwork. An aluminum storage clipboard will help them stay on their feet while taking down the information they need, and it will also hold the papers, pens, and other gear they’ll surely need while doing their rounds.

5. A good book

Nursing students read a lot, but every so often they might want to read something other than a textbook. There are a fair amount of informative or inspirational books on nursing out there, like “Becoming Nursey” by Kati Kleber of “Nurse Eye Roll” fame, or “Nursing From Within” about nurses and self-care from nursing writer Elizabeth Scala.

6. Stethoscope

Most nurses will have a stethoscope on them for the entirety of their shift. Like a pen light, it’s a necessary tool for examining patients, and nurses should be able to leap into action at a moment’s notice. If you give a nursing student a good stethoscope like the 3M Littman Classic III, you’ll give them something they’ll use every day on every shift, and they’ll probably think of you whenever they reach for it.

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7. Nursing student tool kit, flashcards, and study guides

Studying to be a nurse is tough. Tools like ScrubCheats and Nursing Student Toolbox condense and summarize what they’ll learn at Ameritech. Sheets and cards such as these are great for getting in a little bit of studying while on the bus or between classes.

Ameritech strives to set its students up for success by giving them all the tools they need to enter the job market as prepared as possible. To learn more about our nursing or RN–BSN programs, visit our program pages or follow us on Facebook.

7 Gift Ideas for Nursing Students