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More Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Students!

Gifts for student nurses

The holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time for eggnog, fleece socks, and everyone’s favorite: gifts! You’ve got your list, and you’re ready. Mom, check. Dad, check. But what about your favorite student nurse? While there are the requisite gifts that every student will enjoy — gift cards, cash, a new computer — thinking outside the box can be more fun for the both of you. To get your brain warmed up, here’s a helpful list of ideas that steer clear of the beaten path, and are guaranteed to delight any student nurse in your life.

1. Pajamas and a movie

What better way to remind the go, go, go nursing student in your life that relaxing is key to a balanced life than PJs and a movie? While relaxation might not be a word heard often by student nurses, when they relax, they really relax. Having their favorite rom-com at home next to one of these comfortable pairs of pajamas can be a great reminder for them to take a break every so often. Not sure what movie they’d love most? You can earmark an Amazon gift card, telling them to buy their favorite flick from last year on Blu-ray or DVD.

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2. School supplies

OK, OK. Hear us out. Between tuition, scrubs, comfortable shoes, a backpack, medical instruments, and textbooks, nurses have a lot of necessities — and those costs add up. School supplies may not sound incredibly thoughtful, but relieving some financial pressure might be the best present a student nurse could receive. Practical gifts, like offering to buy their textbooks for a semester, will go a long way to help the nursing student in your life breathe a little easier when working through their spring semester budget.

3. A gift bag

If you’re feeling a little crafty, why get one gift when you can put together a whole gift bag? Grab a special bag, box, or basket, and stuff it with items you know your favorite student nurse can’t live without while in school. Here’s some inspiration:

  • A bento box: These are adorable, and they encourage healthy eating.
  • A nice water bottle: Nursing students are constantly on the go, so they could always use a spare bottle. You can even personalize one for an added touch!
  • Good lotion: All that hand sanitizer leads to dry skin, and nice lotion is a luxury few nursing students would buy for themselves. Big thumbs up if the lotion is hospital grade.
  • High-energy snacks: Look for something tasty, nutritious, and maybe a little indulgent.
  • Bath balms: Or anything you love using to relax in the tub — because a student nurse will probably love it too.
  • Two tickets to a movie or show: See number 4!

4. Time with you

Chances are, you haven’t seen much of your loved one since he or she started nursing school. Most of the time, that’s OK — nursing students are a busy bunch. But other times, there is nothing either of you want to do more than to spend some time together like you used to. That’s why giving the gift of you for the holiday season might be the best nursing student gift around. Drive the short distance to Salt Lake City, get some dinner, and catch a movie — or dress up and visit the symphony. Whatever activity you plan, make sure the anatomy books are out of sight and there’s nothing to do but have fun together!

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5. Scrubs

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving: scrubs. Nurses, especially student nurses just starting their careers, need all the scrubs they can get their hands on. If you really want to knock it out of the park, buy them a pair or two of FIGS scrubs. Not only are they extremely functional, they’re also made from durable, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the wearer comfortable and dry all day long. (Added bonus: The design is sleek, making them the epitome of style and comfort!)

6. Wearable fitness tracker

Nurses walk. A lot. Even if they haven’t started clinical rotations yet, nursing students will be there shortly, which means there will be a lot of walking, hustling, and even running. Not that nurses, or anybody else, need evidence of how hectic their days can be, but what better way to prove it than to don a wearable fitness tracker? Not only will they be able to tell how many steps they take in a day, but they can also track their sleep quality. And we all know student nurses need sleep!

There are so many different types of fitness trackers out there, so make sure you do a little homework before making a purchase.

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More Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Students!