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Strengthen Your Stress Management Skills

Preparing for your NCLEX can feel daunting for many nursing students, which makes managing stress and practicing good self-care all the more important. Exercise, study breaks, and a well-planned schedule are all key for maintaining your general well-being, as well as putting you in a better position to excel on your exam. Check out our helpful blog post for proven tools and strategies for managing your stress levels while you prepare for the NCLEX.

Learn the Lab Values You’ll Need to Know for Your Exam

You will almost certainly encounter questions about lab values on the NCLEX, which is why we’ve included two blog posts here that deal specifically with that topic. Our first post explains what exactly lab values are and provides a useful list of the values that most nurses need to know. Our second post explains how your knowledge of lab values will be tested on the NCLEX and why, while providing you with a helpful list of important lab values for your exam.

Review General NCLEX Test-Taking Tips

If you’re looking for more general NCLEX study tips, we’ve got those too! Check out these blog posts from our NCLEX Wednesday series for tons of useful advice on how to best approach NCLEX exam questions.

Get Targeted Tips for Specific Question Types

Are you struggling with particular types of questions on your practice exams? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive archive of blog posts that are specifically designed to help you prepare for answering certain types of questions, including multiple choice, alternative format questions, topic-specific questions, and more.

Find Helpful NCLEX Practice Tests

One of the most effective ways to study for the NCLEX is to take practice tests. Here, we’ve compiled eight actual questions from the NCLEX, including detailed explanations of each correct answer. Studying these questions prior to your exam can help you better understand how test questions are structured, as well as learn the rationale behind the correct answers.

Learn the Common Types of NCLEX Exam Questions

In this helpful blog post, we cover the ten types of questions that you can expect to find on the NCLEX exam. We even include a sample question from each category, so you can test your knowledge and build your confidence in advance.

Master Proven Test-Taking Strategies

As the NCLEX exam has such a particular structure, you can’t only study the test materials—you also have to study how to take the test. So, when you’re ready to start thinking strategically about the NCLEX exam, we strongly recommend checking out the post that we’ve linked to below.

Review Our Best Study Tips

These two blog posts are packed full of helpful tips and essentials for passing the NCLEX successfully, including how best to determine the length of your study period, where to find the most useful practice tests, how to better manage exam-related stress, and lots more.