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6 Careers for OTAs

6 Great OTA Career Opportunities

When an occupational therapy assistant (OTA) goes to work, each day is different. In fact, most places they work are unique, too. The nature of an OTA’s job requires that they teach the skills of daily living. You might think of an OTA working in a rehabilitation clinic or hospital, but these healthcare professionals can ...

Ameritech Student Profile: Mark Sanderson

The Journey of a Former Ameritech Student and Nurse Extraordinaire

  Some people might call Mark Sanderson a workaholic, but for the former fire chief, that’s just life. Working two full-time jobs while going to school was no picnic, but he wanted a change in career, and that’s what it took. “I used to think the fire job was the perfect job,” Sanderson says. “Hanging ...

notebook index

Note-taking Tips for Nurses

  A well-organized notebook — paper or digital — is a thing of beauty. Nursing students who have a great system of note-taking often find it translates to the rest of their life, improving their study habits, writing skills, and even the organization of their thoughts and communication. Have you given much thought to your personal ...

Ameritech student interviews

An Interview With Ameritech Students

    Put the books down for a minute and meet a few fellow students! At Ameritech, you’ll meet older students who have put their children through college and are now taking their turn. Others are fresh out of high school and anxious to get a headstart on their careers. You’ll find students in the ...

6 reasons to become a medical assistant

6 Great Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant

  There’s one reason for becoming a medical assistant (MA) — or any healthcare worker — that we can all agree on: We care about people and want to serve. We want to make people feel better and put a smile on their face if we can. But beyond the service mindset that characterizes people ...

7 tips for living a healthier lifestyle

Health Hacks for a Busy Lifestyle

  We all begin the year with the best of intentions: We’re going to lose weight, read more books, and start going (back) to the gym. Aaannnd, every year, real life thwarts our good intentions and we get bogged down in obligations and commitments. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important throughout the year. It’s especially ...

What are the biggest personality traits needed for healthcare

What Are the Top 5 Personality Traits Needed in Healthcare?

  Some personality traits, like respect, patience, and punctuality are valuable skills at work and in life. And other traits, like inflexible thinking and emotional whimsy, make any job harder. Healthcare is different. A very specific personality profile seems to shine brightest. It’s not for everyone. People who have specific personality traits see the most ...

Holiday gift ideas for nursing students

6 Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Students

  The holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time for eggnog, fleece socks, and everyone’s favorite: gifts! You’ve got your list, and you’re ready. Mom, check. Dad, check. But what about your favorite student nurse? While there are the requisite gifts that every student will enjoy — gift cards, cash, a new ...

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