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Being a nurse is an opportunity to provide care to others, both at home and abroad.

Travel Nursing: Where to Be a Nurse Abroad

  Your career can take many directions if you become a nurse. One of the most exciting options available for you is to become an international travel nurse, go abroad, and bring your skills to areas that need them. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders need nurses, and if you want to rise to one ...

The clinical side of healthcare gets most of the attention, but administration is half the job.

Administration 101: Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of It

The administrative side isn’t what usually draws people to work in healthcare, but it is essential to the process of caring for patients. Staying organized, documenting everything that needs to be documented, and keeping everyone informed and on schedule make hospitals and clinics run efficiently. Effective administration is also what connects patients to the care ...

Healthcare in the U.S. needs to serve everyone, and that means bilingual healthcare workers are more important than ever.

Advantages of Being a Bilingual Healthcare Worker

Communication is essential in healthcare. If you’re a nurse, your most valuable source of information about your patients is the patients themselves. Patients communicate what their symptoms are, what levels of pain they’re feeling, and how you can potentially help. If a patient can’t communicate with healthcare workers, and that’s a huge problem. Language barriers ...

Studying healthcare is a challenge. Here’s how to stay healthy while dedicating yourself to other people’s well-being.

Health Hacks: Tips and Tricks for MA Students

If you’re going back to school to become a medical assistant (or any other kind of healthcare worker, for that matter) you might sometimes be surprised by the effect the workload has on you. Suddenly classes, assignments, homework, and studying are all part of your schedule, and that might be on top of a job ...

Lab values aren’t constant, but knowing generally accepted ranges is essential for passing the NCLEX and for a career as a nurse.

Nursing Lab Values to Know

To be a nurse is to know lab values. Nearly every single shift you’ll have to note, record, and assess a whole lot of data generated by your patients. This information is crucial to their health and care, and knowing how to record, manage, and interpret this data will be a big part of your ...

Caring for seniors creates both challenges and opportunities for healthcare workers such as occupational therapy assistants.

Eldercare and You

Aging presents challenges. As parents, grandparents, and we ourselves get older, we can lose physical or cognitive skills that once came easily. However, there are ways to deal with these challenges. Occupational therapy and the services brought by occupational therapy assistants are beneficial to clients contending with a variety of age related diagnoses. These services ...

Going back to school as a healthcare student can often be stressful and surprising. Survive (and thrive!) with these tips.

Back-to-School Tips: Healthcare Edition

Going back to school to become a nurse, medical assistant, or other type of healthcare worker can be a jarring experience. Some students come back to school after years of being away from any kind of academic setting, and the transition can be tough. Others go from high school to studying healthcare in a matter ...

Medical assistants are essential in healthcare. And just like doctors and nurses, these professionals have a fascinating history.

The Origins of Medical Assisting

Human beings have been providing each other with healthcare since the dawn of time, which means that medical assistants (in some capacity) go back as far as medicine itself.   Medical history is long and rich, and many people are at least casually familiar with figures such as Hippocrates or Florence Nightingale, formative figures for ...

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