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OTAs work with all generations. Pediatric and geriatric OTAs care for very different clients, but some things are always the same.

Life Cycle of an OTA: Working With Children and Seniors

Being an occupational therapy assistant means you’ll work with a variety of clients and diagnoses. OTAs encounter people who are surmounting all kinds of challenges, learning all kinds of skills, and adapting to their environments in all kinds of ways. The field also spans generations, with specialized OTAs working with the very young and very ...

Getting into nursing school means taking the TEAS. Here’s how to pass it on the first try.

How to Pass the TEAS on the First Try

If you want to become a nurse you’ll have to take a few tests. The NCLEX is the most well-known of nursing exams, but it’s not the only one. If you want to get into nursing school, you’ll have to pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS. The test is just under four ...

Nurses are in demand, but you still have to build your resume to get a job. Here’s how to land a position as an RN.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Employed as an RN

Becoming a nurse means joining a growing, in-demand field that desperately needs new talent. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to hustle. National demand for nurses is high, but it can vary from region to region. Nurses in one specialty might be more in-demand than others, and employers still need to match qualified candidates ...

Healthcare pros don’t go into their shifts empty-handed. These seven items are must-have gear for any shift.

7 Must-Have Items for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers don’t go into their shifts empty-handed. If you’re a nurse or a medical assistant, you’ll be well-equipped. A healthcare professional’s everyday carry list includes items they need to complete administrative tasks, attend to patients, and fix miscellaneous problems. 1. Pens Nurses and medical assistants can be very attached to their pens. Nurses are ...

The Fourth of July can be a lot of fun, but healthcare doesn’t stop for fireworks. Nurses are nurses, even on national holidays.

A Nurse’s Guide to the Fourth of July

Healthcare doesn’t take days off. Whether it’s the Fourth of July or just another Tuesday, nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare workers have to clock in and report for work every single day. Sometimes seeing a holiday from the inside of a hospital can make for dramatic experiences. Ask any nurse about Halloween, and they’ll ...

Dental laboratory technicians draw on creativity and skill in their craft. Here are four surprising things about job.

4 Things No One Tells You About Being a DLT

Being a dental laboratory technician means you’re an artisan, a technician, and a healthcare provider. DLTs make the bridges, crowns, and other dental prosthetics that allow people who’ve lost teeth to smile, chew, and speak with confidence. Here are four things about being a DLT you might not know when entering the field. Related resource: ...

There are no typical days if you’re a nurse, but here are a few things you can expect as an RN/BSN.

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

There is no typical day for a nurse. Every single shift has the potential to be momentous, exhilarating, exhausting, energizing, or all of the above. On any given day, nurses can see people at their weakest and most vulnerable, or at their strongest and most resolute. They witness the results of career-ending (and life-ending) injuries ...

Medical assistants are the core of any healthcare system, and the field needs more men to keep up with demand.

7 Reasons Men Should Become Medical Assistants

Healthcare depends on medical assistants. Hospitals, care centers, physician’s offices, and more depend on MAs to perform clinical and administrative tasks. Like nursing, though, medical assisting is a field that’s generally been dominated by women. But that doesn’t mean it should be limited to only one gender. Here are seven reasons why men should consider ...

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